Hello World….

Well this is all very new for me.

A few snaps of what I really like in my Garden at the moment……

Salvia patens

Salvia patens that I grew from seed, much to my surprise every seed germinated and I’ve had to find room in my already packed garden to plant them all.  I opted for planting several in large containers so it will be easier to collect seed from them all for next year.Without a doubt these are the Bluest flowers in my garden at the moment.

Honey Bee on Marjorum compactum

I went on a bit of a drive out yesterday and ended up at one of the Independent Plant Nurseries within my region that I sometimes frequent, I had a good walk round and it was obvious that the bad weather and recession was taking its toll.   I saw this lovely little Marjorum covered in Bees on sale for £1.50, I removed the Bees and bought the plant home with me where it promptly got the attention of the local bees here and was quickly covered.  I shall pot it up soon in a nice clay pot and make a feature of it.

I’ve always liked Cosmos.

I’ve planted out 3 Species of Cosmos this year and due to all the wet weather quite frankly my plants are pathetic….. I’m hoping to save some seed and try again next year.

A Hardy Geranium I grew from seed several years ago, if only I could remember what it was called.

Pansy Jolly Joker

I grow this Pansy every year as it was my late mothers favourite.  Very severe colouring, but I guess thats its appeal.

Giant Sunflower

I took this picture close up deliberatly so you cannot tell this giant sunflower is only about 3 foot tall.  Dam weather.

Leafcutter Bee Evidence

My one and only Echinaeca plant is doing exactly what I hoped and is attracting large numbers of Bees, I intend to grow more over the next 12 months.

My one and only Apple

Again due to the awful spring bashing off the flowers and rubbish summer so far, I guess I should be gratefull I have at least one apple.

Poppy Seed Pod

Several Opium Poppies grew in my garden this year, I’m going to save seed for next year and fill in those gaps… such as the neighbours garden. !!

Dill Flowers from below

Dill flowers from below with a storm brewing in the background.

English Marigold

This Calendula originates from seed I saved a few years ago from a packet of wild flower seeds, I saved the seed from the best looking flower and now I have hundreds of them all over the place, they prove very popular with the Hoverflies.

Sarracenia with Lunch

One of my Sarracenias with impending lunch.

Another Sarracenia with more impending lunch..

Another Sarracenia

Deadly Lips

You must always stand your Carnivorous Plants in Rainwater, boiled water will not do.

Venus Flytrap with lunch.

More Sundews

Veining on Sarracenia.

Troublesome Tomatoes

For the second year running my Tomato plants have been quite pathetic, I’m growing several varieties in my 6×8 Greenhouse.

Gardeners Delight

San Marno 3

Orange Banana

Blaby Special

And Money Maker.

Orange Banana Tomato

Orange Banana is a Heritage Variety which you cannot buy, you have to obtain seed from places such as seed swaps or gardening clubs from growers who have saved their own seed and its best that you save a fruit or two of your own crop for the following years growning.

I obtained my seed from a seed swap event at Garden Organic at Ryton in Coventry.Or you become a Member of the Hertitage Seed Library, details here….http://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/hsl/ Bye for now….

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