Terrible Tomatoes


Terrible Tomatoes

For the second year running my Greenhouse Tomatoes are a big disappointment to me.

Very slow growth early in the season, thin looking leaves, and very late ripening fruit have left me with the situation that its Mid August and I still have not got my first ripe fruit to pick.

Last year I grew a new species to me called Craigella, the plants were terrible, I picked my first ripe fruit during the second week of September. They were watered, fed and cosseted regularly and rewarded me with a few pathetic, watery fruits, then the plants promptly gave up and died.

Since this disaster, I’ve prepared my greenhouse beds by adding compost and fertilizer, weeded, dug over and prepared with military like precision in order to get the maximum crop this year.

I planted a few plants of Orange Banana, Gardeners Delight, Money Maker, Blaby Special and San Marno 3 for maximum coverage over the world of Tomato.

I aimed for a few heritage tomatoes, some good solid reliable cropper, some cooking Plum types and a regional speciality for my area.

Where my efforts rewarded…………… were they sod.!

Once again, pale looking weedy plants, few green fruits with the odd one only now ripening.

Ripening painfully slowly

At this rate the production cost for each tomato fruits could be in excess of £5 each.

Ribbed gnarly fruits.

It’s not as if they are even looking appetising is it..?


I’ve given them the best attention, they could want, now I’m reduced to visiting them each day just to should at them.  They’ve got till the end of September to fill my greenhouse with lovely red juice fruits or else I’m slabbing the beds over, adding staging and growing Alpines.!

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  1. I’m not bothering with tomatoes anymore. I think my greenhouse is too shaded and humid for them, though I can grow wonderful cucumbers which I think need different conditions to tomatoes. Am truely fed up as I had 20 odd plants. My mother bought one tomato plant from the bargain bucket at B&Q and it has been covered in fruit for weeks on her patio!


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