September Changes in the Garden

Signs of Autumn

Malus Evereste fruits

The nights are drawing in, the temperatures are starting to drop.

The fruits on my 1-year-old Malus Evereste are redding up nicely, there are much fewer fruits in my little tree compared to this time last year.

It must be due to the very cool, wet summer we’ve had.

A very warm weekend last weekend prompted me to spend a few hours in the garden widening one of my main planted beds, partly due because most of the summer the area was a squelchy mess and partly because my planted bed is too over crowed now and I need room to divide plants into.

Digging in progress

So after I removed a bit of turf, I got stuck in digging it over.


Finished job.  The soil was surprisingly sticky and moist in this area, I guess it explains  the water logging for most of the summer.

I’m going to stab at it periodically to help break it up, I am also planning to take about a foot of turf off the front of the border along its full length as many plants are encroaching into the lawn making mowing difficult.

With the cooler weather there has been a mass of seed heads appearing throughout the garden.

Knapweed Seedheads

A few years ago I planted some Centaurea nigra (Lesser Knapweed), plug plants throughout the garden to encourage the Butterflies. They are turning to seed now and are becoming attractive to the Goldfinches &  Greenfinches that visit daily to eat the seeds.

Dandelion seed head.

Field Scabious

 knautia arvensis (Field Scabious) seed head.

These are also excellent for wildlife, during the summer the flowers have been attracting the Bees & butterflies, the seed heads will provide the seed eating birds with a tasty snack.

Climbing Honeysuckle Berries

The next door neighbours climbing Honeysuckle has grown through my Privet hedge along our boundaries, I gained its lovely sweet flowers in the ‘warm’ summer evenings, (when me had some), and now im gaining by seeing these lovely big juicy fruits, which I’m told are the favourites of Bullfinches.  So I will keep an eye out for any passing.

Felicea in my Hanging Basket.

That was Blue.

This is yellow.

Rudbeckia Fulgida

I was given a small clump of the Rudbeckia about 6 years ago and its the most useful and easy plant in my garden, its been blooming for weeks and looks stunning in the middle of my garden.

I must look up and plant another variety, they are excellent all round plants.

unknown Dahlia

My only Dahlia is coming to an end in its pot, I bought the tuber quite late in the season from a sale in Sarah Ravens Catalogue, it eventually got going, but never got planted out due to lack of space, next year I hope to get it out into its own big pot and grow it into a monster.!   (wishful thinking), it should not be hard as my elderly neighbours have grown theirs in big pots and the plants now tower over them!

A couple of last pics showing the only useful fruits of my labours in the garden this year.!

Sweet Corns

I managed to squeeze about 15 Sweetcorn plug plants into a small area in the spring, about 8 managed to grow cobs suitable for eating.  Yum.!

Saggy Boobs.!

Tomato ‘Orange Banana’  Unripe as yet.!

Happy Growing.!

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