Homes for rent & gone to pot.


I discovered I had at some point had a Spiky Squatter at some point recently in my  6×6 greenhouse, the one with no door.  The evidence was a dirty, smelly nest made in a bundle of fleece on the floor in a corner and a big black turd on the greenhouse floor.  Further investigation reviled a few hedgehog spikes on the floor.

Now the presence of hedgehogs in my garden is not new, I’ve had regular spiky visitors for about 2 years now, I regularly put out food and make sure there is always water present in the garden.

I also have two shop bought winter grade hedgehogs homes in the garden, both of which have been used.

I wondered why they have not been used now… so further investigation was needed.   I donned gloves and got a stick and opened up both my hedgehog homes to see if they were occupied.  What I found was two very used, smelly, damp and empty homes.

I decided a through spring clean was in order before the colder nights set in.

I emptied out the dirty hay which had been placed in by me last year, and used boiling water and some diluted Citrox to wash out the boxes.  I left them for a couple of days in the greenhouse to dry out and re-filled with fresh hay.

Empty hedgehog Box

Plenty of clean, warm hay added.

Ready for tenants

Both box lids re-fitted and the homes put back in the garden in out-of-the-way places where they wont get disturbed by me gardening.

When I originally bought the boxes, both came with a plastic sheeting to aid water proofing.

Almost done.

Finally a little bit of ‘landscaping’ to help it blend in.


Just waiting for new tenants for the winter now.

Also today, with the help of warmer weather I managed to plant up the last of the Tulip and Daffodil bulbs that I had.

I managed to sort out for suitable pots for planting up.

I had seen saving some horrific emergency bought ASDA compost for job.

I had bought the compost a short while ago for potting something I have bought, but when opened the ASDA compost I decided it was only suitable for top-dressing the garden borders, it will do the job for winter tubs though.

I don’t normally do bulbs in pots, but with the last two really icy cold winters and the silly wet summers I’m finding I’m loosing loads that I originally planted into the ground.

So lets hope for some normal seasons soon.

Happy Gardening.

Potted up with Daffs & Crocus

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