Flaming Autumn

Flaming Autumn in the Garden

Misty days and shorter daylight dominate now, yet there are often wonderful things to be found.

Acer Palmatum

There is a collection of trees where I work that are stunning during this time of year.
There were a lot of visitors braving the cold mists and damp today to come and see them, I think this species of Acer, the Japanese Maples, should be one of the wonders of the natural world.

Distant Acer Palmatum

As we have not yet had any sort of decent frost, many plants are still flowering away quite happily, such as this Fuchsia.

Hardy Fuchsia

Lots of different colours around, hope they don’t get frosted too soon.!

Acer Palmatum ‘Dissectum’


Acer Palmatum ‘Aureum’


Acer Palmatum


Betula Species

wonderful Autumn colour is not the only thing popping up at the moment, I saw this large fungi emerging out of the side of an Ash tree.

Unknown Fungus

Whilst all this was going on outside, I spent quite a bit of my weekend pricking out my Sarracenia Seedlings. I’ve never grown them from seed before, and I can honestly say it has been a stunning success.

So from this…

Sarracenia Seedlings

To this..

Pricked out Seedlings


Lots of Seedlings…

I’m gonna need a bigger greenhouse.

Bit rushed tonight, sorry.

Until next time…. keep warm.!

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