Easily Distracted.

Easily Distracted, Garden Centre Visit and Conifer Pruning.


I had planned a day of clearing out my greenhouse, removing the Tomato plants, and sorting stuff to overwinter.

I made sure I got all my domestic chores done as much as possible on Saturday so I would not feel guilty Sunday, however on sunday morning I ended up popping off to the nearby Farmers Market for a big bag of yummy Pasties, and on the way home I nipped into the nearby Garden Centre to collect any money from the RSPB Badge box I have placed there.  A nice haul of £14 was removed, and some new badges left behind.

Whilst there I perused the Discount section of the plants for sale to see if there where any bargains to be had.

Pansies for 50p each

Pansies in poor condition for 50p each.  Not for me thanks.

So then I had a wander about…..

Gaultheria procumbens. Otherwise known as ‘Checkerberry’.

In other areas of the plant sales there were some very nice berried plants, but the prices were a little high in my opinion.

Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion

Callicarpa is a favourite of mine, but it can grow pretty big.

After faffing about looking at plants I can’t afford or have room for I headed off home.

Now I had intended to tackle the greenhouse, However I started to cut back some of my Leylandii which I originally planted along my back fence about 7 years ago. They were originally planted because we were suffering from anti-social behaviour from 2 children who lived there and I wanted to block them out as best I could.

Well it worked, and a couple of years ago the council moved the family out as many of my  other neighbours also complained about ongoing incidents.

However the trees have really got growing upwards and sideward and are in danger of swallowing a little path I have along the back fence.  After a while of chopping back, I got out my ladder and big bow saw and cut out the growing point of the 3 easiest to reach trees.

This reduced them in height by 75%.

Chopped Leylandii

I now have 3 amounts of Leylandii to dispose of before I tackle the 2 remaining trees, which are bigger and harder to reach than the first trees.

Luckily I was given a big old shredder by a work colleague last week, however I’ve left it at work whilst I make room in the shed before bringing it home.

Perhaps I should have actually tried it out and made sure it worked before chopping down all those trees.!!

One of the smaller heaps I need to deal with.

Anybody need and Leylandii branches..?

Tomatoes out, junk going in.!

At least I got the tomatoes pulled out.

So I ran out of time, it started to rain and because the clocks went back last night, it got darker quite quickly.

I will have to wait another week before clearing up.

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