Making the most of the Weather in the Garden

In-between Showers Gardening, Seed Sowing, Fungi, and Greenhouses.

Since changing the clocks back last weekend I’ve not really seen much of the garden, I go to work in the dark and get home in the near dark.  I’ve been trying to grab opportunities to do some tidying up but the weather and limited time is against me at the moment.

Last weekend I got easily distracted and chopped back 3 of my 5 rapidly growing Leylandii’s, I had hoped to put them through an ancient shredder I have been given, only to discover all the shredder can manage is to make a hell of a noise and shake about violently.

So I have ended up doing a lot of chopping up and bagging up for disposal instead.

Chopped back

Now I can get to and fix up the fence better.

During the rain today I’ve managed to move the inside of my greenhouse about a bit, and bring some plants inside.

Tomatoes gone

A few months ago I sowed some seeds of Primula Species, Meconopsis baileyi, assorted Cyclamen Species and some other seeds I’d obtained but forgotten about.

I’d read a blog on the Alpine Garden Society website about the best way to sow and germinate the seeds.  The seeds were sown on the surface of suitable compost, then given a light  covering of sharp gravel then placed into one of those zip up greenhouses out of the full sun.  This way they are subjected to the low temperatures required to aid germination, but wont get rained on. I left the zip up door open as recommended.

Cosy out of the weather

Bagged up.

Some seeds needed to be on the surface, so ended up in bags to prevent drying out.

Well today I had a peak at my pots today and I am delighted that some are showing signs of Germination.

Seedlings coming up

I’ve moved the pots into my 6X6 greenhouse with no door fitted so they can grow slowly, but not get too warm.

My 6X6 from my Grandads Garden

Very little else was achieved as by now I was quite wet and getting cold. So I had a bit of a dash around to photo a few highlights in the garden at the moment.

Sweet Peas

Also the Rudbeckia is still flowering away despite two mild frosts.

Rudbeckia still flowering

I also have a small log pile in the garden for the wildlife, and today I discovered it had burst into life..

Fungi in my log pile

Also I have moved my purchased Alpines under glass now to prevent them getting far too wet this coming winter.

Alpines in Pots

And Finally….

One of the Cyclamen corms I treated myself to earlier in the year is showing its self off nicely.

Cyclamen cilicium

I’m going to dry off now, and read Gardening Magazines And seed Catalogues.

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