Only 30 mins in the Garden so far….

Winter Weather

I have only spent 30 minutes in the garden in a fortnight.  😦

Decorating followed by suffering a heavy cold followed by a weekend at work,then traveling to and from work in darkness means I’ve only been able to spend 30 mins in the garden.

My next chance is next Saturday……. only someone has gone and put Christmas very near now and I’ve not even started any shopping or preparations.

I got home from work late this afternoon, and armed with my little camera and a Lemsip I set off into the garden to see what had been happening during my enforced neglect.

Pulsatilla seedling

Pulsatilla seedling

During my 1st ever visit to the Malvern Spring show this earlier year I purchased some seeds from the Alpine Garden Society stand, and I am delighted to see the first seedling emerging, I just hope it comes true to type.

Also some bulbs I planted are showing.

Snowdrops coming up.

Snowdrops coming up.

The Snowdrops I planted into some nice clay pans are already showing well, however my nice ferns are well on the way out now due to the harsh weather.

Ferns dieing back at the end of the year.

Ferns dying back at the end of the year.

I’m lucky to have two Greenhouses, I purchased my 8×6 a few years ago and have really only used it for growing disappointing tomatoes, earlier this year I have given my granddad’s tatty 6×6 as he was moving into a care home.

Somewhere between dismantling it from his house and re-building it at mine, it had changed shape, no longer square, and the door wont fit.

I re-built it 3 times before giving up and leaving it slightly skew with no door.

Perfect for Alpine Growing in my opinion, although I do remove the odd pane of glass to help ventilation during the summer months.

Side view through the glass.Note the bow in the bench.!

Side view through the glass.
Note the bow in the bench.!

At the moment I just have some Alpines in pots standing on an Aluminum Greenhouse Bench, which if you can see has quite a bow in the middle.  Not very ideal when trying to keep pots stable and the watering even over the pots, i’m now looking into a more suitable, stronger bench for my increasing Alpine Plant collection.

After some research I’ve found that the best way to grow Alpines under glass is in a plunge bed, which is where plants are in clay pots which are ‘plunged’ up the their necks in coarse sand which is then in turn kept damp.  The replicates the mountainous, cool rooted conditions they like.   So watch this space.

giant Himalayan cowslip (Primula florindae)

Giant Himalayan Cowslip (Primula florindae)

Earlier in the year on an episode of Gardeners World, Carol Klein showed us how to sow fresh Primula florindae seeds, I’m glad I watched, then went out the very next day and sowed the few seeds my plant had produced, because all these seedlings have come up.
I’m delighted as it’s a first for me, and I do love the plant.!

So I just need to endure the next 5 days at work, then hopefully I can get out into the Greenhouse Next Saturday and do some tidying and faffing.

Unless of course the Snow they have promised us arrives.

Perhaps its time to fit lights in the greenhouse.!

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