Why would you…..?

Garden tat.

Why would you think anybody would want one of these for their garden..?

Do people actually buy these things..?

Shocking Plastic Merrkat.!

Shocking Plastic meerkat.!

This is something I will try to remedy during 2013.

I did find a nice little wreath which was duly purchased, I don’t feel bad buying them instead of making my own, as far as I’m concerned I’m trying to support local business.

Compact Wreath

Compact Wreath

This wreath cost me a fiver.

The approaching Christmas Holidays, very short days and the relentless rain have conspired against any time in the garden.  However there is very little that can be done at this time of the year anyhow.  I could finish cutting down my herbaceous plants, trimming back the seed heads and a spot of weeding, but I’m having a rest along with the garden.

The lawn is so sodden it leaves sunken footprints if I walk across it, and in the last 24 hours here we have had just over an inch of rain.

My Patio yesterday.

My Patio yesterday.

However some parts of the country are having serious flooding, and my heart goes out them. So I should not complain.

Well the shopping is all done, the food is purchased, I cannot get out into the garden for now, time to rest, coo over seed lists and plan for the nest growing season.

Just don’t buy me a plastic King Fisher.!



Merry Christmas & Peaceful New Year.


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