Starting or Ending…..

New Gardening Year

I’m never sure if the end of the year is considered the beginning of the next growing season or the end of the current one.

I’d like to think its the beginning for the next season, the sowing of seeds that need a cold spell takes place, seed catalogues are arriving and plans can be made.

Today I finished sowing the seeds that I selected from the Alpine Garden Society, Some of the seeds need to be sown in the spring, so they are put away safely for now.

Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds

About 25 pots sown later, and I’ve experimented with a different type of pot dressing instead of gravel, I cannot find fine gravel that I am happy with so I’ve tried non-absorbent cat litter, which I know some cacti growers use as a pot dressing.  I’ve added this so that the seedlings can grow through the gritty type layer easily and the compost should stay moist and weed free.

 Luckily the type recommended is the type that my cats currently use.

My 2 cats prefer this type.

My 2 cats prefer this type.

Seeds sown, light covering of compost and a dressing of cat litter later, the pots are placed in a heavily weighted down zip up greenhouse so they can get nice and chilled, but not rained on.

Hope to see the start of some seedlings in the spring.!

Pots of seeds sown.

Pots of seeds sown.

I popped to the local Garden Centre today, just to see if there were any bargains, which there were not, but I still came back with a treat for myself of an Alpine Trough that I’m going to look forward to finding nice compact plants for.

My treat to myself.

My treat to myself.

I’m taking a leaf out of the excellent blog from The Patient Gardeners blog and I’m doing a new year Garden flower count, and if I can find the pictures, I’ll be blogging an end of year best bits.

Happy Growing.

5 thoughts on “Starting or Ending…..

  1. I know what you mean about the growing season. I used to think it began in March and ended in Oct but I’ve learnt a lot recently and now I don’t think there is ever an end, just new starts! Great tip about the cat litter.
    Happy New yr to you.


  2. I agree with sophie, no start and no end. Glad I have found a blogger who likes alpines, I love them. Don’t ask about cacti you say, well I will, do you like them? Most of my garden visitors completely ignore mine -except other nut-cases like me.


    • Hi there, I do like Cacti & Succulents but dont really know much about their needs, I recently found out some succulents can stand cold weather conditions.

      I’m also learning more abiut Alpines, and i’m starting a little collection which will no doubt get big at some point.


  3. I agree with you all l never worked out witch way round it went I also need to get some compost but we also need to rebuild the greenhouse and potting shed before I can get underway and make raised birds


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