Snow, what is it good for…..

Snowy Days

Well it looks quite lovely to be honest.

Its only best to say that from the comfort of a cosy home though.

Winter has finally arrived, mostly in one big dumping in the last 12 hours, my flowering shrubs and snowdrops in pots have all been buried.

Hammamellis Magic Fire

Hamamelis Magic Fire

After the wettest year I can remember last year, my Hamamelis is looking gorgeous, but I’m sure I can squeeze another one in somewhere.

I’ve done very little to the garden,  this year so far because at weekends i’ve either been at work or decorating my spare rooms.

However I have noticed how the days are getting slightly longer and I get a bit more of a glimpse of the garden when I get home every night.

Sarcoccoca in the snow

Sarcococca in the snow

Sarcococca still flowering, behind it is the Hamamelis and behind that with the red stems is my Acer Palmatum.  There are a few hellebores throughout the border that were almost in flower, but I guess I will have to wait for a thaw to see them now.

Pots on the snow

Pots on the snow

Snowy views from work.

Snowy View

Snowy View

Snowy Path

Snowy Path

It snowed almost all day today, when I finally got home I was treated to a very snowy garden.

GardenA quick refill of the bird tables and a feeder top up session, I’m going to be spending the weekend wall-papering the spare room, luckily I purchased all I needed last weekend, so in theory I don’t need to leave the house until Monday Morning.

I’m hoping to get some time to look through some of the bulb catalogues that have been arriving and perhaps make a few purchases.

Lots of nice things to tempt...

Keep warm & keep safe.


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