Slabbing & sunshine pt 1.

Stabbing, Sunshine, Greenhouses

The promise of sunshine for weekend did not disappoint.
A cold start turned into quite a sunny day.

I set off early to the local DIY store in an impulse buy of a few slabs so I could slab the inside of my 8×6 greenhouse, which I feel is the final job needed to turn it into a Sarracenia only Greenhouse.

After my decision to give up on tomato growing after a 2nd rubbish year on the trot, I’ve been getting more into Alpine plants.   And I’ve also been revamping my Sarracenia plant collection,


The Idea of slabbing the greenhouse floor is so I can put up more substantial greenhouse staging to hold the trays of water and the Sarracenia plants that stand in them.  My current set of B&Q Aluminium staging bows considerably in the middle and any water in my plant trays runs to the middle.

By moving all my Sarracenia plants into my 8×6 greenhouse, frees up my granddads Ex 6×6 with no door for my increasing alpine plant collection.

Slabbed out.
Slabbed out.

So i managed to get 6 two by two slabs and a few smaller slabs into my little car, and a few hours of heaving and leveling the ground the staging was moved in and my plants were into the trays of water for their first drink of the year as they were showing signs of coming out of their over-wintering state.

The plants where looking a bit tatty, and as the sun was heating up the greenhouse quite nicely, I decided to trim off all the old foliage.

Feb Sunday 002
Plants before the tidy up.

Thats’s better.!

Lots more growing room.
Lots more growing room.

No re-potting just yet, as it’s still a little too cold during the nights. So just trimming and watering for now.

Feb Sunday 001

Potting area set up, room in trays for more plants.

Next job.. sow some of the 80 packets of seeds from the Hardy Plant Society and The Alpine Garden Society and The Royal Horticultural Society.

Seeds to be sown.
Seeds to be sown.

I just need the next weekend to be sunny as well now, lots more planned.

Keep warm.

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