Slabbing & Sunshine Pt2

The Seed Sowing section.

With the sunshine keeping the greenhouse warm, I set up my potting station with a mix of compost appropriate for the seeds I needed to sow.

The Alpine Garden Society leaflet of seed sowing recommends a mix of 3 parts john Innes No.1, with 1 part sand, but I also added a touch of peat based multipurpose compost to stop the mixture setting hard.

Seed Sowing
Seed Sowing

I had already selected about 10 packets of seeds which need a cold spell to help with germination, and they are currently in a jam jar in the fridge.

I selected some others which need sowing about now, and set to work.

Labels in.
Labels in.

Some seeds were advised to keep uncovered, and some preferring a light covering of Vermiculite.

I am taking the advice from a Member of The Alpine Garden Society on the best place to leave the pots whilst waiting for germination. they suggest one of those zip-up greenhouses out of direct sunlight with the plastic cover on so the pots don’t get rained on. sort of like a stand up cold frame really.

Feb Sunday 019

I just happened to have such a zip-up greenhouse, and its now filling up nicely.

Still some room left.
Still some room left.

Few more packets left to sow, then an exciting wait to see if anything germinates, and if it does… where am I going to plant them all.???

Wish me luck.

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  1. You are starting out on one of the most exciting aspects of gardening, but do not be surprised if they do not all germinate. If you have been adventurous enough in your selection they might not all grow. Don’t worry yet where you will plant them, some will take a year or two to come to flowering. Having been sowing alpine seed for years, its liking having a pipeline.Each year some are sown, but previous sowings are coming to fruition. I don’t mean to be a pessimist some will flower in their first season!
    Roger.- I will be delighted if I am wrong and you post in Autumn that every variety has grown!


  2. Just spotted the wormery in the last photo which looks identical to mine apart from the lid – is that a later addition? The reason for asking is that the raincover for my wormery has seen better days and keeps blowing off – have already lost one set of worms due to drowning (please don’t tell the RSPCA!). Was going to order a replacement cover but now thinking that I could find an old bin lid instead – do you have holes for ventilation in yours?


    1. Hi there, its just an ordinary plastic bin lid I’ve put on over the top on the wormery lid to stop the rain getting in. I’ve not got any extra holes in the bin lid, I just try to remember to take it off when it gets warmer.


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