Blast from the past….

Cold Weather moves in

Well they warned us it was coming, and it did with vengeance.  All over the garden….  Snow, icy winds and below freezing temperatures.

Less than a few days after the official first day of spring, we are effectively snowed in.

Frozen Daffodils
Frozen Daffodils

Its odd that this unwelcome weather has coincided with me fixing up a new ‘toy’ otherwise known as a Remote Weather Station.

I’ve been looking into getting one for a while, a chap at work has one, he recommended looking at Maplins, and that’s where I bought mine from… 50% off, so good timing by me.

Weather Station
Weather Station

In place and so far so good..

Its telling me its cold.
Its telling me its cold.


So we woke up to this yesterday, and it was added to overnight.

Snow Sunday 002

So faced with this weather, everything I had planned to tackle in the garden and greenhouse has ground to a halt, all I can do is watch the display pad on my weather station saying how cold and windy it is.

Hamamellis still flowering
Hamamelis still flowering


My Witch Hazel has been flowering for over 2 months now, I just hope it manages to put on lots of growth this coming growing season as its always looked a bit underwhelming.


Wildlife pond
Wildlife pond

My wildlife pond is worryingly covered with snow and Ice, and only a week ago it was heaving with frisky frogs and spawn, I hope they are ok wherever they have gone at the moment.

Plants in the greenhouse.
Plants in the greenhouse.


I’ve got loads of packets of flower seeds waiting to be sown, but i’m not even going to start with the weather like this.

Fritillaria michailovskyi
Fritillaria michailovskyi


My Fritillaria Michailovski is getting going in the greenhouse, whereas everything else is just sitting out the cold.

Snow Sunday 032

Freddy my Cat is not impressed and after 20 seconds outside was not having any of it.

There’s nothing to do with the weather like this, except wait for a thaw, and perhaps a bit of silliness.

Silly time.
Silly time.

At least I can keep buying seeds, come Easter time I hope I’m up to my ears in seedlings.

I want to be sowing these now.!!
I want to be sowing these now.!!


Keep warm, hope for a thaw soon.


3 thoughts on “Blast from the past….

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  1. oooo fancy weather station. I have a digital one but it just does temp, humidity and ice/frost.
    I do like your fritillaria. Desperate to be sowing here too


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