Rain, Mud, More Rain and finally Snowdrops…..

A lot of Weather.

The Weather people are telling us that January 2014 has been one of the wettest on record, and I’m inclined to agree. We’ve only had 6 days of this year so far without any rainfall, the ground in my garden is sodden, and now I’m seeing small pools of water forming after each downpour, today I set about prodding these areas with a big fork in the hope I can drain some of the wet away.

I think all this cold water sitting in my soil has had an effect on my Winter and Spring Bulbs, I’m seeing lots of pictures appearing on the internet of big bunches of Snowdrops in full flower, however my plants are only just getting going.

My biggest Bunch of Snowdrops so far.
My biggest Bunch of Snowdrops so far.

I’ve got a few other groups of Snowdrops around the garden, but none as advanced as these. I can only assume its the cold ground.

I’ve also got the beginning’s of some Helleborus emerging, but again I’m sure they are later than previous years.

Feb 2014 008

I’ve also got some Hellebore seedlings coming up as well, last year I potted lots up, but the slugs ate the lot, however those still in the ground always remain untouched… very odd and annoying.!

Feb 2014 011

My Sarcococca as always is flowering its socks off, and does not look bothered by the extreme rainfall, I can smell the fragrance from this plant from over 5 feet away from my back door, even in the rain.!

I’ve recently discovered one of my new purchases from last year has started to flower, a Harvington Hellebore, I did have to poke about a bit to get a look at the flower, as it’s a double flowering form, it was nodding downwards quite a bit… perhaps shy.

Feb 2014 013

I have a second plant which so far only has buds, so I will be keeping an eye on that in expectation of a floral display.

In 2012 I planted a new double red flowering Camellia, I wanted to grow more shrubs in the garden, in particular some evergreens to give a bit of structure over the winter. Its first full year was last year, and true to form where Camellias sulk after planting, my plant did not flower, annoying but expected. I made sure it got plenty to drink over the hot, sunny months, (yes we had a couple, I checked.!) And today, after closer inspection I found I had one flower bud, just the one, but it’s better than nothing I suppose. It had just better be spectacular.

Feb 2014 016

A lot of expectation in one little bud.

Another new planting from last year which I’ve noticed more in recent weeks is a  Cornus sanguineaMidwinter Fire‘, I rescued the plant as a runt leftover from a big planting scheme a friend was doing.  A bit of TLC later and its now looking splendid at the back of my Island bed in full view from my spot on the sofa from within the house.

Feb 2014 020

The red stems almost glow when that rare occurrence ‘Sunshine’ hits them. I must propagate some of this plant soon.

A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, I was feeling really blue with the cold dull weather, So I took myself into my greenhouse to sow some seeds, I opted for some Sweet Pea seeds purchased from a previous day trip out to Easton Walled Gardens, I sowed the red collection,  and tucked them up nice and cosy, I’m hoping this early sowing and subsequent later sowings will give me a longer flowering period throughout the year as recommended by @papaver of the The Blackberry Garden Blog

The action has started.!
The action has started.!

Today I saw signs of emerging shoots, so I’ve decided that’s the end of winter….. no more cold, sun only please.!

Since my last (in the garden) post I’ve been receiving my selected seeds from The Hardy Plant Society and from the Alpine Garden Society and the Members seed list from the RHS, I’ve been doing lots of sowing of those seeds which need a cold snap to get them to germinate, and I’ve put them into my little greenhouse with no door which is just like a walk in cold frame, but in high winds is a lot more exciting.!

I love sowing seeds.
I love sowing seeds.

I’ve also noted today that I’ve got some Tulips starting to emerge from some tubs, I’ve given up with planting them in the ground due to the wet, and it looks like I made the right call last Autumn when planting the latest batch.

hopeful for a few nice flowers.
hopeful for a few nice flowers.

With the Bed, borders and lawn so squelchy and easy to damage by walking on, I’ve been looking for any outside jobs I can do from a hard surface, then I remembered my top of the garden path is need of some attention…

In need of attention.
In need of attention.

This path was already built when I moved into this house, as you can probably see the path is for some reason sunk into the ground, but the blocks along the right hand side have finally given up, I know they have been in place for over 10 years, and are cheap to replace, so I will buy more and replace the crumbled ones and sort out the soil level and all being well plant up with bulbs or something similar.  I’ve worked out I need 11 blocks in total for this area and a couple of other places.  However in order to preserve the suspension on my car I’m only buying 3 or 4 blocks at a time. The top of the picture shows the first 3 purchased.

Guess what I’ll be buying everyday this week after work..

Until next time, keep warm/dry/mud free…. or preferably all 3.!

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  1. Interesting things happening in your greenhouse, you have been busy. That is a lovely double Hellebore, my doubles aren’t out yet . I have lots of snowdrops not out yet. The nivalis in one part of the garden are full out but elsewhere in tight bud. I love that orange Cornus.


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