Started with seed sowing….ended with Cheesecake.

Started with seed sowing….ended with Cheesecake.

I’ve been a little behind with my blogging lately, working some weekends, then having an impressive cold that laid me out for over a week mean I’ve got a bit behind.

So onward, the weather has improved greatly since my last update, Spring has arrived bringing with it warmer weather and sunny days. we changed the clocks forward an hour last weekend and we gained an extra hour gardening in the evening.

New Greenhouse Staging being built.

New Greenhouse Staging being built.

I recently bought some new, more robust greenhouse staging and set about arranging my greenhouse to make maximum use of space.

All built.

All built.

Lots of seed sowing space all ready for use.

Seed sowing Dahlia 'Bishops children'

Seed sowing Dahlia ‘Bishops children’


I’ve decided not to entertain hanging baskets or too many tubs this year, I’ve decided to plant more annuals in the ground.





Lots of seeds sown so far.

Lots of seeds sown so far.

I’ve only sown about half of my seed supplies, and I’ve made sure I’ve still got some left in packets in case the worst happens and we get a really hard cold snap.

Recently the night temperatures are averaging between 6 to 8 degrees, so hopefully it will stay at that.

For a little while now, about a year in fact, I’ve wanted to widen my long border against the fence, and dig an additional new bed on the sunny side of the garden, recently when the ground had dried up enough I was able to achieve both.

An extra foot added at least.

An extra foot added at least.

The ground along this side of the garden has a bit of clay in it, I’ve already spent quite a bit of time chopping at the lumps of soil in order to break it down a bit, and I’ve added two barrow loads of homemade compost, but it still needs a bit more.

From the above picture you can see how little sun hits the border, so I really wanted a bed in full sun to grow some more ‘exotic’ looking stuff.

I dug up some lawn.

I dug up some lawn.

The bed is about 2.5 metres long by 1.5 metre wide, I have had to leave a metre behind the bed so I can cut the hedge and clear up the clippings without too much difficulty.

My plans for this bed are, for this year, only to plant mostly annuals such as Zinnias, Sunflowers, Tithonias, some interesting Amaranths, some Ricin, Melianthus, Cosmos, some hardy Gingers and perhaps if there’s room, some Cannas.

So I’m trying hard not to put any shrubs or perennials in for now, although I have purchased two that would do very well here, but must resist and plant them elsewhere for now.

If the bed is a success this year, I may extend it larger next year.

I’ve got lots of colour coming up all over the garden at the moment, some of it I even remember planting…. unlike these Tulips.

sunday april 2014 015

I wish I could remember what sort they are, or even where I got them from, I suspect they were in a sale somewhere.  Nice though.

Old Island bed.

Old Island bed.

Lots of colour at the moment, with lots of colour to come, it’s going to be a bumper drop of Allium Purple Sensation this year I think.

Finally back to the greenhouse….I did some more seed sowing today, i’ve sown far too many sunflowers, but last year I felt I had underdone them and wanted more in the garden.



6 pots sown of 6 varieties, and that’s so far. I’m determined to have a good show of them this year.

Whilst I was merrily sowing away, a nice surprise was delivered to me consisting of a cup of coffee and a slice of Raspberry Cheese Cake.

Coffee and Cheesecake delivery.

Coffee and Cheesecake delivery.


Now if only I could fit an intercom to the house, I could request the same service on demand.!

Happy Gardening.

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