Plant Buying and Fake Fungi. Malvern Spring Festival 2016.

We are almost halfway through May now and the weather is beginning to act more settled, however it was only a few weeks ago we had to contend with sudden snow flurries and the scraping of frosts off the car windscreen in the mornings, then a week later it was the hottest day of the year so far.

I got sunburnt wrists whilst weeding. There was a lot that needed weeding that day.

Earlier in the month The RHS Malvern Spring Festival, as it’s now called, was held from 5th to the 8th of May. I visited on the Friday and the sun shone down……… a lot.

My favourite kinda sign.

My favourite kinda sign.

I headed straight into the floral Marquee before the sun made it too hot and sticky.

This is the place where the Nurseries and the best plants are to be found in my opinion, I was met with this sight…..



I think I must have outflanked everybody at the ticket kiosk.  However it did not stay this empty for long, within the hour it was heaving and very hot in there….

I thought I also spotted another blogger in the distance, with a shopping bag of plant purchases, however it’s not really in my nature to rush over to people and say “hello, I follow you on the internet”.

I made a few small purchases of Ferns, Primulas, a Lemon Verbena and a few other various niceties.

I did return to the Marquee later in the day to hear a talk by Carol Klein, it appeared lots of other people had also had the same idea, it was packed around the stage area, with lots of elbows and shoving, and also very hot.

Unfortunately after a while, it appeared that Carol had forgotten to turn up so I wandered off outside in search of a cooling *Ice Cream.

Well it was either that, or slap someone who was using their elbow on me as a weapon.

Extraordinary Sculpture, I liked this a lot.

Extraordinary Sculpture, I liked this a lot.

I saw lots of interesting and frankly lovely plants that I just don’t have the right conditions for…

Epimedium 'Amber Queen'.

Epimedium ‘Amber Queen’.

These Epimedium were displayed on a stand at shoulder height so you could look up into the flowers, otherwise I think they would only be appealing to people of Ronnie Corbett’s stature.

Acer Palmatum 'Shigitatsusawa'.

Acer Palmatum ‘Shigitatsusawa’.

A gorgeous looking Acer with a ridiculously long and complicated name.

Obligatory Tulip shot.

Tulip Sanne.

Obligatory Tulip shot.

Outside the sun blazed down, the Malvern Hills looked green and Lush, and the crowds heaved, Many in Shorts.



The crowds heaved.

The crowds heaved.

Suspiciously advanced Runner Beans on a display, with obligatory Shorts.

Suspiciously advanced Runner Beans on a display, with obligatory Shorts in shot.

Outside was very busy, I spent a while around the outside Nurseries area, I’m always fascinated by these Nurseries, many are familiar names with a good pedigree, however there are others whom I’m convinced only exist during events like this. Many were selling identical plants grown in suspiciously looking similar ways …..

Forced Aqalegias amongst others...

Forced Aquilegias amongst others…

Plants such as 1 big Cosmos Sonata in a pot, in flower for £5, or a big single Ladybird poppy… in full flower for £9.    All packed as if they just fallen off a passing Danish Trolley.


On one of the outside Nurseries I did spot this rather pleasing display…

Cheers Sam.

Cheers Sam.

I also had a wander around the stalls selling exclusive quality garden sculptures… such as…



Metalwork Sheep with wobbly head and deranged expression. (I actually Quite liked this for a giggle.)

Inside one of the Halls was a display by a Local Beekeeping association, and I was really taken by this Giant pollen grain.

Pollen grain. (Not Actual Size).

Pollen grain. (Not Actual Size).

I wanted to give it a good feel, but there was a leaflet sniper hovering dangerously close nearby, so I just took the picture and fled.

The last corner I visited before heading back to the car and getting chummy with the air-con, was the school gardens, something from the distance had caught my eye and I had to inspect it closer….

This possibly made up for Carol Kleins no-show earlier in the day…

Fake Funky fungi.!!

Fake Funky fungi.!!

So simple and yet so funny. A red washing up bowl with white spots mounted on a white post. I loved it.

I’m off to search for red washing up bowls now.


*It was Rum and Raisin if you were wondering.





8 thoughts on “Plant Buying and Fake Fungi. Malvern Spring Festival 2016.

  1. I may be tempted to buy rhe odd plant or six in a floral marquee but avoid the so-called nurseries outdoors like the plague. You can often tell where a plant came from by the label shoved in the pot – the “bulk” growers seem to have their own designs these days. Good that you visited on a dry day and avoided the flooded marquee.

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  2. We went to the Autumn show which admittedly isn’t supposed to be so gardeny. Had a lovely time as I was with friends but I agree about the carbon copy, not terribly interesting, plants on several of the nursery stands. Outside ones mainly. Bit disappointing really.

    Liked by 2 people

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