Product Review: Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

Gtec Cordless Battery operated Lawnmower

Gtec Cordless Lawnmower
Gtec Cordless Lawnmower

The Design.

I was recently asked by the people behind the Gtec Cordless Battery operated Lawnmower to see if I would like to test drive one.

I jumped at the chance as I had been considering getting one of these last growing season, but ended up using gift vouchers at a DIY store in-order to replace my dead mower instead.

A very large box arrived by courier from Gtech, I made sure I had plenty of time to put the thing together, then opened the box……

It actually took about 10 minutes in total, 5 minutes to have the machine fully assembled, and another 5 minutes to read through the instruction manual.

Straight out of the box.
Straight out of the box.

The enclosed battery requires approximately 5 hours to charge up from flat, this will give you about 40 mins mowing time, depending on how low you want to mow your grass down to.

lithium-Ion 36Volt Battery
lithium-Ion 36 Volt Battery

It is a bit difficult to see the power remaining lights on the battery, so I would recommend keeping an eye on the time whilst mowing to keep track on how much power is left.

The Grass bag holds up to 35 Litres of clippings and has a nice wide mouth not only for collecting the grass, but also for easy emptying of grass clippings onto your compost heap or Green Waste collection bin, I liked the addition of a handle at the end of the bag to help with emptying.

Handle height extending button release.
Handle height extending button release.

The Handle comes with a nice big button to release the extendable handle to any height that suits you, I particularly like this feature, as in the world of Horticulture I find many products designed on one particular person size, and one gender, and usually it’s not Women!.

Height of cut adjuster lever.
Height of cut adjuster lever.

The mower came with an easy to use height of cut adjuster lever, there are 6 heights to choose, 30mm up to 80mm in 6 stages, when the lever is used the height adjusts over all 4 wheels at once and did not require the mower lifting to slot the adjuster in place like some models of mower I’ve used.

16.93 Inch wide cutting width. (430mm).
16.93 Inch wide cutting width. (430mm).

The cutting deck is a nice wide 430mm, the wider the cutting deck, the more lawn you get cut in one pass.

Safety Features

Safety key
Safety key

The Gtech Cordless Lawn Mower comes with a Safety Key in order to prevent accidental use, perhaps by small persons who want to help…..

To remove the safety key, squeeze the sides together, then pull out from the slot, the key is tethered to the mower to prevent loss, when you want to continue mowing, simply squeeze the sides together again, and push back into the slot until a click is heard.

Nice, simple and reassuring.

Insert the Battery, off you mow....
Insert the Battery, off you mow….

The Test.

With the battery slotted in I set off mowing, I had to increase the height of cut 1 slot above my desired height, but this was due to my lawn being quite wet, and very mossy so the mower coughed a few times, the machine is obviously not as powerful as an electrical model, however the freedom of movement with out a trailing cable was a wonderful sensation, I was able to mow around beds, trees, benches, bird tables….. all without having to stop and re-feed a power cable around obstacles. I’m sure in the end I mowed my lawn a bit faster than with my electric-powered mower.

A decent finish.
A decent finish.

I really like this mower and it has to be a serious contender for the average sized lawn owner, the ease of use, splendid maneuverability, compact storage size are all plus points. Just remembering to keep the battery charged after use means its ready to go whenever its mowing weather.

The Gtech Mower retails at £299 with free courier delivery, a spare battery is available to purchase for £99.95

Visit for more information.

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

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  1. Oh my heavens what a great review of this chargeable lawn mower. As a woman permaculture gardener I have 5 permaculture beds in my back yard, and use an Electric lawn mower after my gas mower died on me years ago.. I love the light weight of the electric but hate the cord as you said trailing behind me getting stuck.. I find I have one hand on the cord and the other trying to hold the mower and push.. I wish they would send me a rechargeable mower and let me do a review for it too.. I’m 5 foot nothing and find the handles just not low enough either.. I hope they see this and want another tester for their product…

    Permaculture gardener in Northern Ontario, Canada..



  2. I migrated from a petrol mower to a battery-operated one, in my case a Bosch. Granted, not the power of petrol but a lot lighter plus I don’t have to knacker my shoulder yanking that starter cord! And battery, IMO, beats mains hands down simply because there’s no cable. Whilst I don’t have the Gtech mower you’ve reviewed, I do have other Gtech battery operated gizmos and can attest to their quality.

    How long the battery lasts will depend on the height of the grass before you start and how wet it is (or isn’t); timing yourself will be unreliable. Don’t forget that a Li-ion battery doesn’t slow down as the power runs out; it will run fine and then suddenly stop dead. So you may want to invest in a spare battery. Nothing’s more frustrating than the mower running out of power when you have one strip left to cut and you know it’ll rain before you can recharge the battery!

    It’s also worth mentioning that, to save weight (and power) the blades in battery mowers are often made of a lighter alloy than petrol/mains ones. I’ve found mine get damaged far more easily by a stray stone than my old mower blades did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comments John, I’ve been lucky so far with the battery power, I’ve always finished the lawn before the battery runs out. And as I’m planing on digging up more lawn this Autumn I doubt I’ll ever need a second battery…..

      Have a good weekend.


  3. I enjoyed this. Considered getting a cordless but for the postage-stamp sized ‘lawn’ (read ‘green weeds’ I have it’s just not worth shelling out that kind of cash. It also looks rather large for my shed. Good to know it’s got decent battery life though and there are spares available. I’ve had to get rid of two strimmers from famous makes because the battery was more expensive than to buy a new machine.


  4. This looks like a beautiful machine. Did you get to keep it? Like John said, electric mowers can be a real pain in the neck. I have the EGO LM2001 and picked it up from my local supplier in Buxton. I’d never heard of the brand before but it was definitely the purchase of the year. My lawn was brand new grown from seed and it didn’t tear out all the new shoots like by old corded mower had.

    Anyway, thanks for doing such a detailed blog. Good job!


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