End of Month View of the Garden: The End of July 2016

The 7 Day summer

Blink and you missed it, well almost.

Summer arrived Mid Month, temperatures here reached 32℃ for most of the week, hot sticky nights which made sleeping difficult, very hot uncomfortable days which had me running for the cooler conditions of the shade.

Luckily I had already booked the hottest week of the year off from work in order to have a rest and a chill out, unluckily I came down with a dizziness bug at exactly the same time.

In the Garden it’s all about the beginning of the harvest from some of my crops….

As usual at this time of year I’ve become a slave to the watering of my tubs, pots and baskets.

I don’t mind really, not when I’m starting to pick so many crops.

Sunflower Earthwalker
Sunflower Earthwalker

The first of my Sunflowers started to bloom, I think so far I’ve lost 50% of my plants to slugs.

Stripey Marigold
striped Marigold

My Annual flowers are really getting into their stride now adding bursts of colour throughout the borders.

I’m really pleased with how some of my summer perennials are performing….

A fast favourite so far is my Sanguisorba lilac squirrel.

Sanguisorba lilac squirrel
Sanguisorba lilac squirrel

The plant is growing quite big and I may have to edit some surrounding plantings to allow it to reach its full potential.

Crocosmia buds
Crocosmia flower buds

Based on my photographs taken at this time last year, many of my plants are behind in their development, my Crocosmia for example is currently still in bud, when it was in full flower this time last year….

Bees loving the Echinacia
Bees loving the Echinacea

I only appear to be able to grow the standard purple Echinacea, which is a shame for me as there are loads of more colourful ones around which I’m quite partial to….

At least the Bees are happy.

Seed Saving has begun.
Seed Saving has begun.

The hot weather has started to ripen up some seed which I’ve collected, all being well I will have a few species to send on to the Hardy Plant Society Seed list this Autumn.

I knew those plastic takeaway tubs would come in handy.

Veg patch
Veg patch

My little veg patch has been very productive so far, Onions, lettuce, Radish, Peas, and all manner of other edibles have been harvested.


I’m in the process of growing on some winter veg for the colder months and will be planting them soon.


I’ve got high hopes for my Courgettes, I have really gotten into Courgettes, I like Courgettes…

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered I’m not the only one.






Many thanks to Helen as always for hosting this Meme…

13 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden: The End of July 2016

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  1. That’s a very beautiful sunflower, that Earthwalker. Where did you get it from? Sanguisorba lilac squirrel is wonderful and well named. Sorry to see the evil things are attacking your courgettes. Maybe put beer traps next to the courgette plants and see if that helps?


  2. My squirrels are still not even showing anything like flower buds though the crocosmia have been blazing away for ages and are getting a bit droopy. Slugs got the sunflowers and chrysanthemums and the last of my dahlia tubers rotted over the winter. The daylilies mostly chose a rainy day to flower and so I missed them. At least the summer bedding’s making up for the lack of flowers elsewhere. Though I think autumn must have arrived already, given the amount of leaves I’m removing from the lawn every day – one tree’s going decidedly brown!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As I was scrolling down I was thinking, must comment about the sunflower, must say how lovely the sanguisorba is, must admire your echinacea and then I ran out of room in my head! All looking lovely, hope you have plenty of courgettes coming on to make up for the thieves. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your garden is beautiful. I zeroed right in on those shiny tomatoes. I have better luck also with the regular purple coneflowers. The hybrid Echinaceas that I’ve tried are very short-lived and disappointing. susie


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