Tree Following September 2016

Tree Following

September 2016 Part 2.

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme #Treefollowing

I left you in my last post in August with my James Grieve Apple tenaciously hanging onto 8 fruits.

Well that didn’t last long.

The very next day another apple fell from the tree, followed by a few others.

Fallen Apple

Fallen Apple

 I had made the decision to water the Apple Tree just to help the fruits form and ripen up, and I noticed yet another fallen Apple,

At the time of writing this blog there are 3 fruits left on the tree, and at least one of them is showing the worrying holes that appears to be plaguing my crop this year.

I decided to look at one of the fallen fruits in more depth in order to discover at what might be causing the holes in my fruits, and it appears I am the proud owner of Apple Codling Moth.

Apple fruit cut in half showing the typical Codling Moth damage.

Apple fruit cut in half showing the typical Codling Moth damage.


Maggoty closeup.

According to the RHS the Codling Moth is a small moth whose caterpillars bore into the fruits of apple and pear trees during mid- to late-summer.

Yep, got that.


  • The caterpillar’s exit hole is often visible in the side of the ripe fruit or at the ‘eye’ end (opposite to the stalk).
  • When the fruit is cut open, the tunnel and feeding damage inside the core can be seen, together with the caterpillar’s excrement pellets.
  • Damaged fruits tend to ripen and drop early.
  • The small white, brown-headed caterpillar can sometimes be found near the core.

So there we are then, one of the most common pests of Apples has infested my Apple tree, there is no Chemical Control available, (if I wanted one).

My only defense against this beastie to to purchase a Pheromone sticky trap early next spring and trap those randy male moths in pursuit of females.

So find out next month if any of the 5 remaining fruits make it to harvest, will I end up finding half a maggot in my first ever apple produced from this tree, will I loose patience with the tree and kick it to death.

Next month I’ll tell you more about another pest of Apples I’ve found living in my tree.

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “Tree Following September 2016

  1. Oh dear! Not very appetising. Would grease bands help. I used to keep hens under my fruit trees and they ate all the grubs before they had a chance to climb up the trees and lay eggs. Must get some more hens next spring.


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