Product Review: Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder

The Gardman Poppy Feeder

Recently I was contacted by the people at Gardman to see if I would be interested in reviewing and helping spread the word about the Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder.

Heavy metal Poppy design seed feeder or water dish.
Heavy metal Poppy design seed feeder or water dish.

The Poppy is of a reassuringly heavy build in the design of a Poppy, it can hold a small amount of bird seed, or as in my case a drop of water for birds to drink from.

The Poppy is about 6 inch’s across in diameter and about 26 inch’s in height, although you do push the spike well into the ground.

Duo Spike
Duo Spike

The bottom of the spike has a duo fitting for extra stability.

Gardman has joined forces with the Royal British Legion and are trying to raise over £200,000 through the sales of the Gardman Poppy Bird feeder and other branded Bird Feeding Products.

Gardman states that “The Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder is in the iconic design of a red poppy, bringing style and colour to any garden display or outdoor space and is a perfect way for homeowners to show their support for one of the UK’s most recognisable charitable causes.”

The Bird Feeder retails at £6.99 and is available from B&Q, Choice, Homebase and Nottcutts, also from other Garden Centres nationwide from August 2016, a list of stockists can be found from the Gardman Poppy Website and is sold alongside The Royal British Legion branded Premium Wild Bird Seed Blend, which is suitable for all year round feeding, and is blended to appeal to a wide range of Bird Species.

The Wild Bird Seed Blend retails at £4.99 for a 1.8kg bag and £14.99 for a 12.55kg bag.

Gardman will donate 50p for every sale of its Poppy Bird Feeder, 50p for each pack of 1.8kg Bird Feed, and £1.50 per pack of its 12.55kg charity Wild Bird Seed Blend.

Together Gardman and The Royal British Legion hope to raise in access of £200,000 for the Charity.

The Review

Only having the Poppy Feeder in place in my garden for short time means my local bird population, namely the House Sparrows have been a bit suspicious of its presence.

The only Bird to attempt a landing was a Wood Pigeon, which then went onto enjoy all the seed that was supplied.

I have now refilled it with water.

The Poppy Feeder is a pretty and robust addition to my garden, and when not in use as a Pigeon Perch adds a flash of colour to a bland corner.

I am happy to recommend this product, I think it would  particularly appeal to anyone, looking to buy a gift, support a good cause, or just to help local wildlife.

I think it’s a smashing item.

House Sparrows not included.

I see you Spying.
I see you Spying.

Disclaimer: “I was given this product in exchange for my honest review and opinion, the fact that I was given these does not alter my opinion in any way. This review is my own personal opinion on the product / company, given in good faith and has not be sponsored or endorsed. The photography unless otherwise stated / credited is also my own. None of the links are affiliate links” .

The Cynical Gardener reserves the right to amend this to fit.

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  1. To be honest, I’d be worried about something only 26 inches off the ground and which also could easily be pulled over by the weight of a cat. Although resident cat here doesn’t go for birds (for some strange reason beknownst only to him), there’s a murdering interloper that visits when RC’s indoors napping or patrolling away. I’ve ended up removing a bird table that was 6 feet off the ground, and positioned well away from any cover that would hide an approaching killing machine, and using only hanging feeders that murderer can’t get to.


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