End of Month View of the Garden: End of October 2016

Stale October

Above average temperatures, very little rainfall and light winds where the notable hallmarks of October in the garden, temperatures did not dip below 5°C for the month and rainfall totalled 27.9mm of rain whereas October 2015 totaled 64.4mm.

A very dry month was had.

Literally cracking up.
Literally cracking up.

The mild weather has helped the trees and shrubs keep hold of their leaves for longer than usual resulting in quite a pleasing fiery display.

I’ve only carried out limited tidying up around my borders so far this month, I still have Sunflowers hanging on to their flower heads and  my Cosmos Radiance Plants are still flowering well and attracting any late passing Bee’s.

Helianthus annuus 'Valentine'
Helianthus annuus ‘Valentine’

However I’ve still got lots of bags of mixed tulips and dwarf Narcissus to get planted.

Cosmos Radiance in the foreground still flowering well.
Cosmos Radiance in the foreground still flowering well.

As well as the clocks turning back, the 31st of October is also the cut off point for posting all collected donated seed to be sent to the Hardy Plant Society for it to be sorted, packeted and offered to the Members from Mid November.

This year was a good year for me in collecting seeds both from my own garden, and the gardens where I work.  I have sort of subconsciously planted plants in my own garden over the years that will seed freely, and I’ve remembered to label with the exact names so the process of harvesting and donating has been quite straightforward. In total this year I sent 36 different species of plant seed into the scheme. This is a personal best for me.

Seed drying.
Seed drying.

  As a donor, when the seed list is launched I can choose an additional 10 packets of seed which gives me 30 packets of seedy happiness.

Before posting.
Before posting.

Hardy Plant Society Members Seed Distribution information. 

This year i donated an awful lot of Cosmos Radiance.

Cosmos radiance
Cosmos radiance

Annoyance in the Veg Plot

In the Veg plot there have been mixed results, I’ve had to water quite a few crops, and because of the mild weather I’ve been suffering from an awful lot of white fly, it appears to be quite enjoying the stale weather and multiplying almost daily on most of my plants.

Decent Parsnips
Decent Parsnip

I’ve had a go this year at growing a few parsnips in a bottomless dustbin, I had a peep the other day to see how things were progressing, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results look promising so far.

Unfortunately things are not going so well for my Leeks, sown in April, planted out during August, and then wiped out by the dreaded Allium Leaf Miner in October.

Symptoms of Allium Leaf Minor.
Symptoms of Allium Leaf Miner.

Many swear words were used whilst digging up and disposing of my plants.

There has also been something amiss going on with my Carrots.

Furry intruder
Furry intruder

Not the Ginger one pictured, but Carrot Root Fly has now arrived, at this rate the only Veg I’m going to have through the winter is one parsnip and a tin of peas.

Finally a strange but welcome site in the garden now the Clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, is the surprise re-flowering of my summer Clematis niobe, its grown in a big pot by the back door, normally a sunny spot in the Summer months.

Clematis Niobe
Clematis Niobe

It just suddenly burst into flower.  I’m going to enjoy while I can before the first frosts…… if we get any that is.

End of Month View: September 2016

Thanks as ever for Helen for hosting this Meme.

Bye for now.


5 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden: End of October 2016

Add yours

  1. I’m now at the stage of hoping for a frost. Summer bedding’s still thinking it’s August and refusing to go over. I don’t have the heart to dig it up while still in its prime. Meanwhile the winter/spring bedding’s sulking badly. And a tree I’ve reduced to a 4 foot trunk is sprouting leaves from the stumps of branches. Resident squirrel’s dodging resident cat and taking nuts from its feeder and burying them in the lawn. Resident horde of blackbirds then dig up the nuts, find them too big to do anything with and leave them on the ground. Resident squirrel re-buries them. Blackbirds re-dig them up. It’s chaos here!

    How do you explain to a squirrel that its feeder will be kept full all winter?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Since writing the post I have had a light frost, but that Cosmos is not bothered by it, still flowering away.
    My Spring Bedding from a certain welsh sounding company has been poor and flowered at 1 cm high, I’ve not bothered to plant most of it.


    1. Based on my experience with summer bedding from (I guess) the same company, I ordered more garden-ready winter/spring bedding than I would normally. Apart from one box (4 trays) damaged in transit, which was replaced quickly, I’ve been totally happy with the quality/growth though plants are starting to sulk a little (totally understandably) and I’ve now made the decision to dig up the summer bedding and get the new stuff in. It’s a given that until planted out, the cell trays are going to restrict growth – plant yours out and see!

      Conversely I’m having no joy with wallflowers from a non-Welsh-sounding company. 90 of the usual bare-roots died. They were replaced. The replacements died and were replaced. The replacements of the replacements have died. We’ve established that from despatch to delivery has been, in each case, a 7-8 day thing with nothing around the roots other than a plastic bag. I’m getting a refund and have ordered, at super-bargain price, four more trays of you-know-who’s polyanthus/primulas.

      I’m also waiting for imminent delivery of my new RHS A-Z. £37 delivered. Thought I’d mention that. Bit less than £75. Amazon Marketplace tho it’s a few squid more today and, interestingly, the place I bought mine from is advertising a used copy for 55p more than a new one!

      Liked by 1 person

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