Tree Following November 2016

Tree Following 

November 2016 Part 4.

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing

I left you last month October wondering if the 3 remaining Apple Fruits on my James Grieve Apple tree would be ripe and ready to eat.

Would they fall off naturally.? would they succumb to any pests or diseases.? would the local Squirrel pinch them.?

The first fruit readily fell into my hand on October 16th, and it tasted wonderful, I don’t  think I can ever remember biting into an Apple and having the juice dribble down my arm like this one did.

Fallen Fruits

Fallen Fruits

The remaining 2 fruits fell a few days later on 18th of October, I left them a few days in the fruit bowl and then took them into work to eat with my lunch. Interestingly they were not quite as juicy as the first apple was, I suspect they needed colder storage.

I wrote in my First Tree Following post that My Apple Tree was on a Yellow Card because of poor performance  and had to produce some edible fruit this year or else firewood.

Well as James came though with its end of the deal, I not only decided to let it live on, I made it a nice snazzy plant label as a reward.

Nicely Labeled.

Nicely Labeled.

Now we are into November it is still a bit unseasonably warm, but a few morning frosts have started the Autumn foliage on my Apple Tree.

Autumn Colour.

Autumn Colour.

I’ve been thinking about next season with my James Grieve Apple tree, not only do I expect at least 6 fruits for my efforts, but I’m toying with the idea of grafting another variety or two on to this plant and creating what is called a Family Tree.

Its going to take a bit of research and planning on my part to find suitable varieties and then any available grafting material, called a Scion.

The last time I attempted any sort of grafting was about 24ish years ago at Horticultural College.

Suitable growth.

Suitable growth.

I have suitable growth on my Apple Tree for Grafts, it’s just the ‘biting the bullet’ and doing it bit now.

I found a local Apple Grafting workshop early next February, where you come home with 2 of your own grafts on a Suitable root-stock.

Time for some research I think.

To be continued…….


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