Tree Following December 2016

Tree Following

December 2016 Part 5.

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing

Short and Sweet this month…..

Apple Tree still in leaf.Apple Tree still in leaf.

My James Grieve Apple Tree should be resting by now, however it still has plenty of leaves looking green and healthy.

We have had frosts down to minus 4.5 in recent days and my Apple Tree looks none the worse. I suppose if the leaves are still green and healthy looking then they are still photosynthesising to a degree.

I’m currently holding back on any sort of Winter Pruning because I’m still deciding on whether to try grafting on some other varieties of apple species onto my James Grieve and creating a family Apple Tree, I’ve got plenty of time before deciding though as the best time for grafting in this area is February time.

I will need to make sure that I use a another Apple species with the same Pollination Group as my James Grieve, and that it is not too vigorous as to overwhelm James.

Still some research to do.

I have also been doing  a bit of research and reading up on Apple tree cultivation in general, and I decided to treat myself to a reference book to see if I’m missing any gaps in my knowledge.

RHS Apple Book.

RHS Apple Book.

I had a search around a well-known river based online bookshop and the recommendations were that this was currently best all-round Apple Book on the market.  I got it cheap 2nd hand.

So that’s December, however next year I’ve got plans…. big plans…..

To be continued…..


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