End of Month View of the Garden: End of December 2016

End of Month View of the Garden: End of December 2016


December started with a cold snap, with intermittent mild days replaced with hard frosts.

The coldest it managed to achieve throughout the month in the garden was  – 4.5°C

I’ve not seen any signs of Snowdrops peeping through yet, but I’ve seen plenty of Whitefly still lingering on my Brassicas, this has resulted in me bining the lot. The Brassicas that is, hopefully the Whitefly went with them.

Correa 'Marian's Marvel'
Correa ‘Marian’s Marvel’

Half the Garden is currently still frozen and white over with frosts, and the other half is bathed in sunshine.

I deliberately left many seed heads and old stems in situ as recently saw some Goldfinches investigating the frosted plants, I’m glad I did, I’ve kept off the soggy lawn and reduced my muddy footprint amount into the house.

 My Gardening time has been limited right down to perhaps a couple of hours in total for the month of December, and most of that was Boxing Day afternoon when I turned one of my Dalek style Composters into another one.

Hamamellis intermedia magic fire.
Hamamelis intermedia magic fire.

There is currently very little in flower in the Garden, However my ever reliant Hamamelis has started to bloom, although a bit behind compared to previous years.

Also my Sarcococca has really started to get into its stride and is blooming well.


I must take cuttings from this plant as it’s an excellent ‘dooer’ in my garden.

My Malus ‘Evereste’ is once again in full fruit, however it appears the dry late autumn followed with several downpours of rain have had an adverse affect on the fruits, resulting in most of them bursting open.

Burst Fruits
Burst Fruits

It’s going to turn into a mushy mess I suspect before long.

Garlic ahoy!
Garlic ahoy!

My Autumn planting of Garlic Solent Wight has started to shoot through the soil.

My other plans for next year is to get to grips a bit better with successional sowings of veg, moving around some crowded shrubs, look into moving an underperforming Ballerina Apple Tree called Bountiful, which has been anything but.

I also have an expired Yellow Flowering Hamamelis, which has shrunk for the last few years, but now looks expired.  (I’ve already chosen a replacement).

Masses of Tulips have been planted, I have to decide if I really want to use the 7 Hanging Baskets I appear to own, I’ve got loads of packets of flower seeds, Veg Seeds, and due in the post any day now are the Members Seed Selection from the Hardy Plant Society.

I’ve got small amounts of Seed potatoes on order for planting in tubs, loads of Heritage Tomato seeds to be planted, for some reason I’ve purchased loads of different types of mini cucumbers to try as well.

we just need to get past the possible 6-8 weeks of bad weather we normally expect at this time of year.

I’m itching to get out into the garden, to dig things up, to purchase new plants, try new ideas, perhaps even persuade my neighbour to get their ****** fence fixed so their dog stops getting though.. Pigs May Fly.

I’ve noted dates of plant fairs, flower shows, oped days.

And my own grown Sweet Pea Seeds have already Germinated.

Sweet Peas in action.
Sweet Peas in action.

Its looking like a great next 12 months.

Happy New 2017.

Roll on Spring.

Thanks go as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.

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