Tree Following January 2017

Tree Following January 2017 Part 6.

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing

The James Grieve Apple Tree finally lost its leaves during the Month of December.

All that is left now are the bare branches of a sleeping tree, perhaps it’s dreaming of sunnier weather.

I know I am.

For the festive season I covered the Tree in fairy lights, which are solar-powered.

All white and twinkly at night.

Looks a bit different in the daytime.

The not much happening Apple Tree

The not much happening Apple Tree

I have been thinking about a little bit of shaping pruning, but I am waiting for info on an Apple Grafting workshop I want to attend, so  I’ll leave it for now in case I can Graft on some different varieties and try to create a Family Apple, or at least try to.

Whilst trying to take the above picture I was constantly barracked at by the ever critical Freddy.

Everybody is a critic.

Everybody’s a critic.

So until next month, don’t disturb the dreaming Apple Tree.


To be Continued….

Last month’s post : Tree Following December

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