End of Month View of the Garden: End of January 2017

End of Month View of the Garden: End of January 2017


The theme of the month was how many different types of weather could be fit into one day.

Mixtures of Fog, Rain, High Winds, Sunshine, more Rain and a Flurry of Snow were included.

Rainfall was 57.9 mm which was surprisingly less than previous years, although it certainly felt like we have received more.

Squelchy Lawn.
Squelchy Lawn.

This squelchy area of my lawn has been a problem since I moved in.  There was originally several small slabs plonked in the lawn resulting in stepping-stones which meant no slipping or muddy shoes. After I nearly broke my ankle on one of the slabs, I removed them all, replaced with turf. I used the slabs elsewhere in the garden, but it looks like I’m going to have to put some more slabs down as a stepping stone effort as the soil under the lawn is clay and never drains during the winter. A few slabs appear to be the most feasible solution, as it’s the cheapest and least time-consuming option.

Bed Edge
Bed Edge

I’ve also decided to widen the border along the fence, again, I think I’ve done this several times since I created the bed, perhaps squeeze a few more plants in, bit less lawn. As you do.

Signs of life in the Garden is so far restricted to very slow snowdrops, and Alien like pods emerging which are in fact Primula Denticulata.


Overwintering Tree Fern.
Overwintering Tree Fern.

I dragged my newly purchased Tree Fern into my cold greenhouse in order to protect it from the harsher bits of the winter, a bit of extra thick fleece as added protection for the crown. I must try to find a way to display this plant this year that will do it some justice.

The Garlic Is still growing. Slowly.
The Garlic Is still growing. Slowly.

In the Veg beds all I have at the moment is the Garlic, it’s still growing…Slowly.

A nice surprise appeared during the harshness of the month, a few years ago I bought a collection of Double Helleborus from an online nursery, almost immediately the slugs ate the label off the packet so I was never able to label each individual plant.

The first one flowered.

Unknown Beauty.

I’ve got lots of plans for the coming months, and a lot of seeds I’m waiting to sow. I’m hoping for a good growing season.

At least there will be Sweetpeas.

Sweetpeas from my own collected seeds.
Sweetpeas from my own collected seeds.

Until next time.

Thanks go as ever to Helen  for hosting this meme.

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  1. That bench repair’s coming on well 🙂 And your sweet peas are way more advanced than mine. But then I only sowed them a week and a bit ago. I empathise with your soggy lawn problems. Years ago I started trying to introduce drainage, aiming for about 40-50 sq ft a year, lifting turf, digging down, adding grit. I gave up after three years. If I NEED to get on the lawn in winter, I just use a stretch of that roll-out pathway stuff; I find it’s ok till the fourth can of beer! And moss is green.


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