A Visit to Hodsock Priory – Sparkling Snowdrops And Sumptuous Scents

I was recently invited to attend The Hodsock Priory event to launch the 2017 snowdrop season.

I have never been able to attend before so I made sure this was going to be the year I visited.


This is the 26th consecutive year that the snowdrop event has been held.

The event runs daily 10am-4pm from Saturday 4 February to Sunday 5 March 2017.

Our host and guide for the visit was George Buchanan who showed us around the grounds and some parts of his family home.

The energetic George Buchanan.
The energetic George Buchanan.

After an introductory talk where we learned that there are possibly 4 million snowdrops currently growing at Hodsock, with planting started in the 1800’s by George’s ancestors. Parts of the woodlands became overgrown and full of brambles, so clearing work began in the 1900’s and careful management continues today.

The woodland walk area was teaming with birdsong and the ever pleasing presence of emerging Snowdrops.

Snowdrops looking splendid.
Snowdrops looking splendid.

There were many areas with Spring bulbs planted up and shown off very well.

Pathways were cleverly planted up with avenues of highly scented winter flowering shrubs to maximum scent affect, plants such as Sarcococca species, Lonicera Fragrantissima, Winter Sweet and areas of Petasites.

The gardens were well tendered and all areas easily accessible, we were told there was possibly a Mink in locality which was feasting on the ornamental fish is the big pond, however I’m pleased to say that the furry thief was not spotted by anyone on the day.

View of the House across the gardens
View of the House across the gardens

We enjoyed exploring any areas of the gardens, and it was nice to see lots of areas planted up with Iris, Cyclamen, and named Snowdrops all planted for flowering for during the Snowdrop event.

Hodsock is a lovely place for a visit and as I’ve previously noted, the snowdrop event runs from now until Sunday 5th March 2017.

Facilities include:

 Heated Marquee Tea Room – open daily

Daily History Talks 

Plant Sales

Gift Shop

Campfire by Woodland Cafe

Direct access into woods and gardens

Accessible paths

Victorian beehives

Sorry – dogs are not permitted in the Gardens or Woods but may run in the Park

Hodsock Priory will reopen again after the snowdrop event later in the Spring for the Bluebells.

Details here……

Scary looking Squirrel Guardian
Scary looking Squirrel Guardian

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