End of Month View of the Garden: End of March 2017

End of Month View of the Garden: End of March 2017

Picture uploading issues mean this post is a tad late.

Purple Tulips

March ended blooming marvelous.

But started wet & windy, episodes of hail and sudden heavy rain spread evenly throughout the month made for exciting weather.

We changed the clocks forward an hour towards the end of the month and gained extra daylight in order to footle in the garden, well I did anyway.

The last few days of March were hot and sunny and this has a positive effect on all plants flowery.

Magnolia Leonard Messel

My Magnolia is about in its 3rd year here and settling in well.

Its bloomed with abundance every spring since I was persuaded to purchase it by another blogger.

Along my fence border the shrubs and herbaceous plants are all reassuring me that they survived to soggy winter conditions by bursting into flower. This is a relief as I had to walk over this area quite a bit in the winter months in order to repair the boundary fence between my neighbours and myself, it’s their fence but their dog keeps trying to break into my garden, and they are uninterested in making any repairs.   It gives me the ump.!

I’ve got some lovely leaves appearing on my Acer palmatum, and the promise of blossom on my Apple Tree James Grieve. 

I’ve moved the remaining plants in my Sarracenia collection outside now, they are desperate for a re-pot, a de-weeding and in some cases some new labels as most are faded.

Sarracenias looking grim.

As I’m visiting a few shows this year and I know of several Carnivorous Nurseries will be attending, so I may have to treat myself.

The Greenhousey Bit.

Lots seed sowing is now underway, all my tomatoes are germinated, most of my Cucumbers are up, too many Gherkins are up, and annoyingly out of 2 packets of seeds I’ve only got 1 Melon germinated. I’m seriously contemplating purchasing a grated melon plant…. but it feels a tad like cheating……

Tomatoes, Chillies etc….

I just need the frosty nights to be kept to a minimum now, but I have the plants on a heat mat, with emergency fleece deployed and an emergency fan heater on standby…


Thanks go as ever to Helen, The Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

3 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden: End of March 2017

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  1. I label plants because without labels I’d forget what they were. So how do you get round the faded labels on your little pots if you can’t read them? I use a label printer now. Labels last for years. Love that magnolia but have to accept that I couldn’t let it grow properly; not enough space here. Never thought of grating melons. That’s an idea especially if there’s a plant on which they grow pre-grated! 🙂


  2. I spotted today that my melon seeds are sprouting! Real Seeds instructions were specific – keep at 80-90 degrees or they won’t germinate. I popped the pot in the ziplock bag and into the heated tray.


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