Tree Following April 2017 Part 9.

Tree Following April 2017 Part 9.

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing

Internet issues have made this blog fashionably late.

My apple Tree James Grieve is showing signs of life.

New Shoots…!

I’m delighted to see lots of new growth all over the tree, I’m even more delighted to see lots of flower buds. As you know, each bud is a potential flower, which in turn should be, all being well, a fruit.

Potential fruit.?

We have had quite a dry Spring so far, so I have been giving the Apple Tree a few drinks with the watering can on warm days, I’ve also managed to obtain  pinch some home-made compost and I have applied a liberal amount around the base of the tree in order to keep the moisture in, and to try to not get a repeat of last years problems with Bitter Pit,  which I identified in my October tree following update. I found it was caused by Calcium Deficiency which in turn is caused by too dry a soil.

Apple Blossom

So far so good with the prospect of potential apples, my James Grieve will use pollen from my neighbours Bramley Apple tree, that’s if the Bees get their act together and can sufficiently pollinate all my flowers.

I’m expecting  a good crop and no late frosts.

Until next time….

Last March Tree Following – With Grafting Special.

Did you spot the cat…..?

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