End of Month View of the Garden: End of April 2017

End of Month View of the Garden: End of April 2017

Rainfall for April has been very dry, and I mean very dry. I only have dribbles of rainwater left in my water butts which I am rationing for my Blueberry bushes, being ericaceous plants, our very hard water will be their undoing.

We have also had just about every type of weather going at some point, Fog, Hail, Hot Sun, Cool Sun, Cloud, Drizzle, more hail… Finally the month ended with late frosts.


Apple Blossom Protection

Blossoms and late frosts are not a good combination, desperate measures were deployed in order to protect blooms.

Although it appears new growth on Persicaria microcephala is particularly sensitive.

Frosted tips!

I recently gave my borders a good weeding, tidy and mulch, and I’m very pleased with how everything looks.

I buried the weeds under mulch.

Lots of Colour and new growth in the garden is very pleasing and I’m chuffed with how things are looking.

My Hostas are that Just before the slugs attack stage, and are showing lots of nice fresh growth,  Primulas are making an appearance, and I am giving them an extra drop of water when possible as we have had practically no rain since mid march.

In the Greenhouses I have been seed sowing aplenty and the resulting seedlings are now demanding more space. So far I’ve resisted the usual urge to sow everything and anything, in fact I’ve been quite restrained so far in such I’ve not even made any plans to grow or buy plug plants for my many hanging baskets like I usually do most years.

Last year the majority of the plug plants I ordered by mail order where of such a small size and poor quality I felt very let down, so this year I’ve gone quite minimalist with just a few Fuchsia and begonia plug plants currently growing on to be planed up when bigger.

I’ve still got some other flower seeds to sow, such as Zinnia and Nicotiana, but no rush as yet, these late frosts are dictating everything at the moment.

The Greenhouse bit..

18 different varieties of Tomato

My tomatoes are in waiting, mostly under extra thick fleece every night. All but 3 varieties are Heritage/Heirloom types, some from Seed Circles, Seed Swaps or catalogues specialising in old varieties. I’ll introduce you to them another time. I’m growing them primarily for seed saving.

I also have quite a few Cucumbers, Courgettes, Squashes and other Cucurbits in a heated mini polytunnel effort, these need to be hardened off soon.

Cucurbits of many types.

I’ve also recently rejoined the Heritage Seed Library, I was a member about 10 years ago, but let my membership lapse for various reasons, but I recently came across another blog which re-ignited my interest in Heritage Seed varieties and seed saving.

I already save lots of seeds of ornamentals for the Hardy Plant Society, and I have been very successful at saving my own tomato Seed and sharing through various seed circles, So I decided to re-join.

As a result I have quite a few different varieties of Heritage Peas and Beans growing on for seed saving.


I can’t believe I’m about to admit this….. but….

I wish it would rain… just a bit.

Thanks go as ever to Helen, The Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

Until next time… bye for now.

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  1. Wow – what a wonderful selection of veggies you are growing. And so healthy! My tomatoes are about a tenth the size of yours. We also have had very heavy, damaging frosts. Hopefully our plants will pull through!


  2. Looking good there June. I need to know how to save the tomato seed as all the Blaby tomatoes you have me have germinated. I’m giving plants away to anyone who promises to save the seed and pass it on. All the best. Karen


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