Tree Following July 2017 Part 12

Tree Following July 2017 Part 12

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing


The Summer is in full swing, and I have lots of potential Apples on my James Grieve Tree. I say potential, as there is still  a lot of weather to get through before harvesting around October time.

The Aphids are still present, but the ladybirds seem to be keeping them at bay.

Aphids on Apple tree James grieve

We have had some days of quite high temperatures and at least 16 consecutive days of no rain, I’ve been emptying cans of water around the base of the Apple Tree in order to try to combat the bitter pit that showed itself last year as a result of dry soil.

Healthy Looking Apples

So far most of the fruits look healthy and I am hopeful of a decent crop this autumn. I’ve counted about 26 fruits, but not all are forming correctly. Some have started to fall off as is usual, and this is called June Drop. It’s a natural shedding process that Apple Trees undertake in order to dump inferior fruits.

I’m leaving the fruits on the ground in case the birds can make use of them.

Lots of new growth.

My tree has put on lots of new growth already this year, and In the winter months I shall have to have a good look at how I want to prune and shape it for the future.

But at the moment, dare I hope I might actually crop more than the 3 fruits that survived to maturity last year.

Until next time……

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