Tree Following August 2017 Part 13

Tree Following August 2017 Part 12

Many thanks to  Squirrelbasket  for hosting this monthly meme  #Treefollowing

James Grieve Apple Tree

Of the 26 Apple fruits I counted last month, June Drop and pests have reduced my crop down to 6 decent, good-looking fruits.  I had hoped for more, but my tree is still technically a baby.  I only achieved 3 decent fruits for eating last year, so I suppose we are double on last year.

We had some gusty days and this showed up my inadequate stalking, the tree waggled about a bit too much and some small fruits fell off.

Base of Apple Tree.

I’ve currently got two uprights with a bit of wood as a cross member, not ideal, but it’s currently working for now.

I’m still giving the tree extra water during hot spells, which appears to be the theme for late august.

I’ve done a bit of light pruning on some long ‘whippy’ tips, this is to encourage more flowers & fruits next year.

I’m also going to attempt a graft of another apple variety onto my James Grieve tree, I thought about it last year, but after some research decided to let the shoots on my apple tree get a bit thicker. But this coming February I’m up for it.


Fruits looking good.

So, so far so good. At the time of writing I’m looking at 6 Apples that should be ready for eating early October.

Until next month.

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