End of month view of the Garden: End of August 2017. #EMVoG

End of month view of the Garden: End of August 2017.

With thanks to Steve at The Glebe House Garden Blog for hosting this Meme. #EMVoG

And thanks again to Helen, The Patient Gardener for previously hosting, good luck in your new endeavors.

August began cool and cloudy, occasional hot sunny days, and not much rain, the month ended with a scorching Bank Holiday.  I had to get the hose out occasionally in order to chivy up my Sweetcorn ripening.

I’ve tried Butternut Squash around the base of the sweetcorn for the first time this year due to space constraints, however its been a bit hit & miss. Squash flowers came & went, and every fruit rotted until recently when several fruits around the edge of the sweetcorn crop have set and started to swell.

I’m sure it’s a bit late for a decent crop, but I will have to just hope for a prolonged hot Autumn.  A rethink required for next year, however the Sweetcorn is the best I’ve grown to date, a no dig bed, lots of B&Q manure and extra watering.

Fence Border looking leafy.

My Cercis canadensis pauline lily, which is far left in this picture, is doing  a splendid impression of being dead. It’s not done this before, last autumn the leaves just fell off, however this year the leaves went floppy then brown. It’s not got dry & I’ve investigated the bark with a little scrape, but it appears to be alive, I will have to keep an eye on it next spring to see what it does next.


Ferny patch.

Further up the same border my ferns are still looking good and my little Camellia ‘Ace of Hearts’ is already showing next years flower buds.

Island Bed

My Island bed is still a cause of discontentment for me, there are several plants that will just have to go as they are doing nothing, I also want to make the bed slightly bigger, and I need to incorporate some decent mulch as this bed gets quite solid in the hotter months. But more annoyingly I’m suffering with field bindweed more than I have in recent years and a decent dig over will help eradicate it.

Molinia Grass & Aster.

Further up the garden besides the shed, I have a relocated Molinia grass which is in full flower now, and an Aster I planted a couple of years ago for late colour, it is still to flower but I’m sure it wont be long now. This border was dug over last Spring as I had  Arum italicum taking over. The plants have enjoyed the disturbance and compost I added upon completion.

Echinacea ‘puprurea’.

This Echinacea purpurea is the only Echinacea I can keep alive in my garden over the winter months, It’s a shame really as I really love Echinacea, but I’ve spent a fortune killing loads.  I’m tempted to divide this one plant in the spring to see if that will chivy it into a growth spurt.

Last year I was given some seeds of a Brazilian climbing bean, apparently its best grown for died seeds for stews, its been cropping well, I’ve been saving seeds for one of the various seed-circles I’m in.

In my raised veg beds, other than the Sweetcorn, I’ve planted some late Leeks, sowed some winter lettuce, Sowed something called Manchester Table Carrot from The Real Seed Catalogue. which I’m dying to see, and I’ve planted out some winter lettuce plug plants in case the seed sown ones fail.

I’m still cropping tonnes of tomato fruits from my heritage tomatoes in my greenhouse, my F1 hybrids which were growing outside have all succumbed to blight and have been chopped down and disposed of.

I’ve almost filled a draw in the freezer with home-made pasta sauce, I’m not a fan of chutney, and I’ve found recipes for home-made tomato ketchup to be too faffy for me to bother with. However I need to find new uses for the crop as they are not slowing down.

My Greenhouses are cropping well with Sweet Peppers, Chili Peppers, Cucumbers, Cucumbers & Cucumbers…..   You can only eat so much cucumber!

For the first time this year I’ve started pickling cucumbers, I am quite partial to a pickled gherkin or cucumber…. I’ve made loads of jars of them, sliced, battened, and the smallest fruits have been pickled whole. Unfortunately it takes 3 months from pickling until tasting, so I have no idea if I will like them homemade.

Pickled Cucumbers

Oh look, more of them……..

More Cucumbers!

In other news, seed collecting has stared in earnest for the Hardy Plant Society Members Seed List. 

Seeds Drying.

I have a deadline of October 31st to get them all sent in to be added to the list for members.

Seed packets sent 2016

Until next time…. bye for now….

4 thoughts on “End of month view of the Garden: End of August 2017. #EMVoG

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  1. Many great ideas here. You must tell us how the cucumber turns out as like you you never get one cucumber but always at least three! If you are interested I can let you have a chutney recipe for courgette and plum which I am sure you will like

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, I’m here from the End of Month View meme.
    Wow, you have been busy! Rejuvenating your beds, bottling, seed collecting…strong work there! Thanks for sharing your garden this month. I enjoyed the tour!


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