Book Review – Secret Gardens of East Anglia.

Book Review – Secret Gardens of East Anglia.

A Private Tour of 22 Gardens.

By Barbara Segall and photos by Marcus Harpur.

When I was recently contacted to see if I would like to take a look at the New Book Secret Gardens of East Anglia, I jumped at the chance, I’m always on the lookout for interesting places to visit, I was delighted to find this book is brimming with in-depth detail and gorgeous photographs covering 22 gardens, most of which I’ve not been aware of before. The majority of the gardens are not regularly opened for visitors, but sometimes open their garden gates on special open days, such as for the National Garden Scheme, or other local events.

Your guide through the garden gate of these lovely gardens is Barbara Segall the award-winning author and Garden Writer. The in-depth information provided on each garden is complimented by photographs taken by Marcus Harpur.

The book is filled page by page with planty delights, the information about each garden is complimented with usually a picture of the gardens owner, which I think is a lovely touch, and provides the reader with a real sense that the gardens are not only owned, but loved by those that live in them daily.

There is a wide variety of gardens covered in this book, there are those with seasonal interest to those that please and delight every day of the year, gardens of many acres to a delightful garden in Cambridge of only 8 meters by 4 meters.

This book will delight gardeners of all levels, the author provides a handy map showing the garden locations and also an opening information guide alongside so you can plan your visit easily.

The foreword is provided by Beth Chatto.

The book is published by Francis Lincoln Publishing and has a RRP of £20

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