Felco 8 Secateur Review

Trying out the Felco 8 Secateurs.

Disclosure: I was asked by the company if I would like to try a pair of Secateurs and keep them afterwards, I have not been paid for this review, and as always I have given an open and honest opinion of the product.

The Felco 8 Secateurs.

Earlier this year I was asked by the nice people at Burton McCall , who supply Felco products to the Gardeners of the UK if I would like to try out a pair of Felco 8 Secateurs, now I have to confess  I’ve been in the horticulture industry many years and since my college days I’ve always owned a pair of Felco’s, I normally use the slightly smaller No.2’s and they have been used daily at work and at home.

These Felco 8’s differ in that they are more chunkier, more robust and have an ergonomic handle which provides better wrist and hand protection from strains whilst cutting through chunkier wood.

I’ve been using these new pruners to trim, chop, snip, lop, cut back, cut down, cut out, and I’ve even hammered in a few plant stakes with them. I’ve cut wire, I’ve snipped string, I’ve used them to prise lids off tins and even slice stuff open.

One of the marvellous  benefits to owning  a pair of Felco’s it that every single part of the tool is easily replaceable if required.

Felco vs Willow

18 separate components make up the Felco 8 pruners, which can easily be re-assembled using the supplied special key which is used to adjust the tension of the cutting action.

A feature which is particularly noteworthy is the unobtrusive thumb lock, it is easily reachable whilst in use, but does not get caught and cause the blades to spring open whilst in pockets or a holster preventing awkward injures.

The Felco 8’s are a good investment for anybody who takes their gardening seriously, whilst there are many cheaper but inferior quality products available, I’ve been given many as gifts over the years, and all without exception have ended up destroyed and binned.

There are many shapes and cutting styles in the Felco stable to suit all sizes of hands.These Felco 8’s and I are going to be together for a long time to come.

If you love the gardener in your life, treat them to a pair of Felco’s.


Many thanks to Burton McCall for letting me try what is now my new favourite tool in the garden, they also offer a full service of any Felco secateurs for £25, just pop them in the post and they will do the rest, price includes replacement parts and return postage.

See Website for details.


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  1. These are what I now use at work, but only because I retired my original Corona shears from 1985. I still use my Coronas in my own garden, but am very protective of them. They were quite a status symbol back in the 1980s, and I would still prefer them. Arborists nowadays, and even back in the 1990s bragged about Felcos, but they are really no better. I find that they are comparable. However, I just might try to find some old Coronas on EBay.


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