End of Month View of the Garden. August 2018

End of Month View of the Garden. August 2018

With thanks to Helen, The Patient Gardener, for hosting this Meme.

August has been a roller coaster of a month, in more ways than one. The weather has been extraordinary with high temperatures in the Mid-30’s, then occasional outbursts of rain and cooler days of relief.

 A small personal loss in my life has resulted in apathy towards the garden as a whole, plants dried out, produce has gone un-harvested and very little attention has been paid. I lost my mojo.


Unintentional foliage corner

The Acers in my unintentional foliage corner are just showing the very first signs of Autumn tints, the hot dry weather has shortened their year.


Along the fence border large cracks in the ground are largely covered by foliage, and growth, the first signs of Autumn are showing in my Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Jelena’, also further up the border my Malus ‘Evereste’ fruits are quickly turning red.

I’ve got quite a few plants that could be cut back early due to the weather, but I’m not really in the mood at the moment, I need to reset myself, refocus and perhaps make a few tentative plans for the coming months, I need to assess how things have done this year in the garden, what was successful, what was hopeless and what needs more work. Like Courgettes, nobody needs 3 Courgette plants.

I was given some seeds last year of Squash Sucrette to try, and its grown superbly, almost rampantly, I’ve got several fruits ripening nicely, and I’m looking forward soon to trying it. So far I’ve found fruits forming all over the place, in shrubs, up the sweetcorn plants, in the compost bin.

In my greenhouse the Heritage Jugo Tomatoes are overdue having the seed harvested, this is something i need to crack on with soon, I’m putting it off as it will be messy, smelly and take a while.  Then I need to give both greenhouses a really good clean-out and scrub down as I spotted the first signs of red spidermite on my Cucumbers, so cleared out all the crop to prevent it spreading. I’d had enough Cucumbers to last a lifetime anyway, almost 7 mini ones a day.

I’ve got fat fruits forming on a Fuchsia plant that I want to take cuttings from, one of my potted Acer Palmatum  looks quite ill with early Autumn foliage and I’ve found one of my Moranga Squash plants has died back leaving 2 small fruits roaming feral in the garden.

Something I tried for the first time this year was growing Red Sweet Corn, the plants grew quickly, and although not all plants pollinated, I did crop quite a few scarlet cobs, however even with copious amounts of butter the taste was disappointing, and perhaps left for the novelty value in future. I also have a Heritage Apple in a big container called Martins Custard, which is an old Leicestershire Variety, last year I had 2 fruits which fell off early in the season, but this year the plant is full of red apples, I need to check when they are best ripe before a little tasting season.

I was also growing some giant runner beans for an attempt at the local Horticultural Show at the end of August, but with one thing and another I did not enter in the end, so I still have beans growing well, I’m hoping to use them as seed for future use now.


Finally the month ended with a bit of a nice surprise, my Island Bed of disappointment suddenly burst into colour, my lack lustre kniphofia Percy’s pride is blooming really well, this is after I took advice on how to dig it up a divide it. Also last years new purchase of Helenium Sahins Early Flowerier, is looking superb and attracting all sorts of pollinators at the moment.

Everything still needs a good watering, and a lot of vegetation needs cutting back and tidying up, but for now I’ll just sit back, remember the good times and look at my blue Asters.




2005 – 2018

3 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden. August 2018

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  1. I guess you have had more or less the same weather as we had. Never the less your garden is looking good. My dried up plants are beginning to come back now we have had a bit of rain.


  2. One would think that gardening would help with restoring our mood, and perhaps it eventually will, but I found that it had the opposite effect without the one who was usually out helping me with it. I was fortunate that I did not rely on the garden for all my groceries, so was able to neglect it for a while. Gardens that we tend because we enjoy them are probably more difficult to return to than those that we tend because we must, precisely because much of the pleasure of the garden is absent.


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