End of Month View of the Garden. September 2018

End of Month View of the Garden. September 2018


Thanks as ever to Helen, of The Patient Gardener Blog for curating this meme.

Yet another fairly dry month was had, 40.2 mm of rain in total fell, this figure is a little misleading as a third of the months total rainfall fell in one night.

We had a visit from storm Ali who blew the apples of my little tree, closely visited by storm Bronagh who blew my Climbing bean wigwams over.

I’ll start this tour as ever with a look at the foliage corner, the leaves on my Acer’s are turning more colourful and rich in colour.

There are two Tree Ferns in this corner that will have to be wrapped up in fleece soon for winter protection, and at least two Acer’s that need re-potting during the dormant months as they have grown so much during this year they are really getting tight in their pots.

Then we move on to the long border along the fence.

My new planting of Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Jelena’, is starting to show signs of growth and is putting of  a dazzling display of Autumn Colour, as is my Hamamelis intermedia magic fire. I’m wondering if being under stress through lack of moisture is enhancing the colours this year….

Further up the border my ever reliable, (but a bit short) Malus ‘Evereste, is bursting into colour, to be frank its never not burst into colour in the autumn months, the little fruits are like rubies, glowing…. on a silly short tree.

One of the plants to suffer with this years heat and lack of rain was my Crocosmia ellenbank ‘firecrest’, the plant grew well in the spring, but came to a halt and the foliage turned dry and papery and no flowers were formed.

I can only imagine it surrendered early in the season and gave up. Event though I occasionally threw water at it, it’s obviously going to need digging up, dividing and re-starting with a bit of mulch around it.

My round bed of despair is too depressing to show you, except two plants that are doing ok.  I give you…

Cosmos ‘Pinky’ and Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’,  with Bee. This bed needs a good seeing to, pruning, weeding and my new delivery of tulips planting, if I can get through the concrete like soil any time soon.

Elsewhere in the garden my last decent looking hanging basket is still making an effort, all my other baskets were delivered to the great compost heap in the sky a short while ago, this one is still making an effort.

Note to self: Next year less hanging baskets in case of hot weather.!


One area I’ve had plenty of success with is in winter squash growing…..

I squeezed some Squash uchiki kuri in the front garden, a Crown Prince in the compost heap, some Moranga and Musquee de Provence around the feet of my Sweetcorn plants, and a few Sucrette and a stray Blue Hubbard plants up near the greenhouse….

…….and it looks like I’ve managed to grow at least 1 fruit per variety.

All curing nicely in the empty greenhouse, just need to taste test them now and grow less next year.


I shall leave you some Autumn foliage and a little Autumn Cyclamen in flower which I grew from seed a few years ago.


Bye for now.

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  1. Silly short tree? It would be nice if ours were shorter. I can not get the crabapples down from them! Crabapples are rare here, so I really want more of the fruit than what I can get. However, the old formerly abandoned trees are so picturesque. I intend to grow some smaller copies from them so that I can keep the copies low in my own garden, and let the abandoned trees stay somewhat abandoned.


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