End of Month View of the Garden. October 2018

End of Month View Of the Garden. October 2018

Thanks as ever to Helen, at the Patient Gardener for hosting this meme.

Another relatively dry month which ended with sharp frosts bringing to an end the Summer Flowers and Autumn foliage.

Foliage Corner

A whistle-stop tour of the garden begins with my foliage corner which I’ve pulled apart in order to remove my Tree Ferns to protect them for the winter. The Acer’s have almost lost all their foliage.

My fence border is in need of a weed and prune back, but at the moment there are still a few flowers hanging on. My Geum and a Hardy Geranium amongst the shrubs.

Molinia grass & Crab

Further up the border I have an unknown Molinia grass in full Autumn foliage mode, its done really well in this spot due to the soil being quite clayey here, a division of the same plant is in another dryer part of the garden and is half the size of this one.

I’ve got a nice patch of Autumn Foliage on my Peony Magical Mystery Tour in my island bed, the bed I don’t like at the moment. I’ve also got a nice collection of seed heads on some annuals and herbaceous perennials that have been frosted. I shall leave them in situ for now for the birds, and for a bit of cover for any  beasties passing by.

I’ve started moving my tender plants into one of my greenhouses for winter protection, a mixture of Tree Ferns, tender Salvias, Begonias and Pelargoniums are all being cut back and moved indoors for the winter.


Tenders in the Greenhouse.

My Tree Ferns are now wrapped up in fleece and other plants cut back, I’ve still to rescue dahlias from various beds for protection.

Finally my little raised veg patch has been completely emptied of plants.

Empty Veg Patch

I’m unable to grow Leeks anymore due to the Allium Leaf Minor, I’m not bothering with Garlic for the next few years, and any Brassica I try to get smothered in Whitefly all year round, so I’m having a serious re-thing about what I grow to eat for next year.

Another issue that’s fast becoming a problem is the neighbour’s new Cat who is determined to use any bare soil in my garden as a litter tray, I need to redesign areas so bare soil is minimal, and it means for now I have to keep the veg patch fenced off to keep invader puss off.

I’ve still got lots of Tulips and Alliums to get planted, and I’ve already started buying plants to create a tropical plant area to the garden. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Until next time, bye for now.


3 thoughts on “End of Month View of the Garden. October 2018

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  1. What an odd mix. I just mentioned how early our autumn is. We typically get autumn after everyone else. You have both bloom and foliage that already finished here, but also bare twigs that are farther along. Is that witch hazel behind the bench?


  2. This is the perfect time for planning, such an antidote to the oncoming winter, dreaming of the season ahead. You have been busy rescuing your tenders, mine are still out in the big bad world, but I guess we are little warmer down here. Love the peony leaf colour!


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