End of Month view of the Garden – May 2019

End of Month view of the Garden – May 2019

The Month of May only provided a couple of days of decent rain, also temperatures varied from really very hot, to quite nippy. The last frosts were in the 2nd week of May, and temperatures have remained steady since.

Patio foliage

I start the view by the patio as always, an Acer Palmatum from the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018 is in full leaf, it’s nestled closely to a Syringa macropetala, the scent is amazing, both plants are in big pots.

Long Border
Long Border

The long border along the fence is filling up, my new Pulmonarias are in there somewhere and doing well, I’m keeping them well watered so they get established.

Candelabra Primula

Also in this border there is a nice, slowly expanding group of Primula beesiana, the Bees are enjoying the blooms.

Further along the border I’ve got a patch of Matteuccia struthiopteris fern, and some Hosta June, it will be interesting to see how these plants cope as the weather dries out the soil more, although I am adding extra water to various plants already whilst waiting for decent rainfall.

A stroll to the top of the border reveals a rather splendid patch of Poached Egg plant,  Limnanthes douglasii, I was given the seed for this patch from the RSPB from one of the Gardeners World Live Shows at the N.E.C many years ago and the plants self seed profically each year.  I’ve also got a few more Hostas dotted about, the above are Hosta Timeless Beauty and Hosta Sting.

In my island bed of disapointment, the current highlights are a Peony Magical Mystery Tour, Allium Christophii and several Allium Globemaster, the soil in this bed is already cracking open as a result of the dry weather.

In the Greenhouse

In the greenhouse I’ve potted up my many tomato plants, I’ve still got Peppers and Cucumbers to get potted up, and for some reason I’ve grown Melons this year. They need to grow a bit more before potting up.

squash in waiting.

In the second greenhouse I’ve got squash waiting to come out and be planted, and many other flowers need planting, I just need to find some time.

In the veg patch, I’ve got my Onion Dowing Globe Yellow grown from seed from the Heritage Seed Library, I’ve also planted out over 20 plants of Dwarf French Bean – Eastern Butter Wax as part of my Seed Guardian efforts to grow, harvest and return seeds to the Heritage Seed Library.

Sarracenia Varieties

Finally my various Sarracenia varieties are bursting into growth, i’m already rationing rainwater in my water butts to ensure a decent supply to these plants, I ran out last year and had to pinch some from the pond a work. Not ideal.

I’m relieved to see that my repotting efforts have not resulted in any plants demise. yet.

Until next month, bye for now.


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