End of Month View of the Garden: End of October 2016

Stale October

Above average temperatures, very little rainfall and light winds where the notable hallmarks of October in the garden, temperatures did not dip below 5°C for the month and rainfall totalled 27.9mm of rain whereas October 2015 totaled 64.4mm.

A very dry month was had.

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End of Month View of the Garden: The End of August. 2016

August delivered where previous months merely hinted…

A hot dry start to the month ended with a bit of a splash, and some thunder and some lightning….

In-fact 50% of the total rainfall for the month fell in one night towards the end of the month.



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Summer Solstice: My 10 favourite garden plants of the Year so far.

In the northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice takes place between June 20 and 22.

This year (2016), it’s on Monday, June 20. and the sun will rise at 4.45am and sunset will happen at 10.34pm.

I just thought in order to celebrate the halfway point through the year I’d show you the 10 plants that have performed nobility well in my garden up to this point.

Its not been easy picking just 10, but I hope you enjoy seeing my selection.

So lets begin….

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