A Year of Garden Visiting 2019


It’s all about the plants.


Early February this year I felt the need to be in the tropics, not being able to afford the airfare to travel to far-flung exotic locations, I wandered off down to London to visit the annual Kew Gardens Orchid Festival. Held in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, this year’s theme was focused on South America, plants from this part of the world were all on display in formal and informal situations throughout the glasshouse.

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A Saturated Pause.

It started raining in October and it’s not really stopped. Monthly rainfall records have been broken, and so has my enthusiasm to a degree. Walking on any paved area in the garden is met with added peril of performing an unintentional skating routine and attempting to walk on any grassy area equally as hazardous as traversing a giant jelly with a bit of turf on it.

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End of Month view of the Garden – June 2019

June was a month with the most bizarre and strange weather i’ve experienced in quite a while, cool nights meant jumpers were needed, then a months rain fell in a day, followed by an unforecasted period of high winds, some hot days, some cool days then the month ended with the hottest June day for many years with temperatures here in my garden of 32°c.

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