Making the most of the Weather in the Garden

In-between Showers Gardening, Seed Sowing, Fungi, and Greenhouses.

Since changing the clocks back last weekend I’ve not really seen much of the garden, I go to work in the dark and get home in the near dark.  I’ve been trying to grab opportunities to do some tidying up but the weather and limited time is against me at the moment.

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Bulbs in pots

Bulbs in pots

I consider myself to be quite experienced in growing most types of plants, but I have never really got that involved with those plants that are considered to be Alpines.  Earlier in the year I joined the Alpine Garden Society mostly because it has an excellent seed list for members, but also because I discovered it had a local group that had monthly meetings near to where I live and I’ve been looking for a decent Gardening Club to attend for ages now.

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